Artist: Nåstrond
Album: Toteslaut

Year: 1995 (Re-released in 2011)
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 40 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

I remember when I first heard this record, I was ten years old or something. My older brother had this one in his collection. At first I thought it was pretty disturbing and creepy, but I couldn't resist to go into his bedroom when he left home and listen to the record again and again and again.

Nåstrond is an early Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed back in 1993 and is still active today. Toteslaut was their debut from 1995 and starts off with the intro "Xolotl"- regulary I'm not a big fan of intros at all and this one isn't that special either, but it gives the record that creepy feeling I like.

I can't really compare this band to other bands in the genre since I think Nåstrond (at least on this record) is one of a kind. The track "En Sång Från En Pestbesmittad Grav" is just so great that I rate it higher than most of the black metal "classics" out there. The track "Neuntöter (Yo Soy El Roy!)" is another one of my favorite black metal-tracks. Both that one and "En Sång..." are sung in swedish and I have always liked when swedish bands sing in swedish.

The production is really good and doesn't sounds like it's being recorded in a rehearsal room with a small tape recorder. No, this is recorded with great sound quality. The drums may be a little high in the mix sometimes, but you can live with that.

This review is based up on the albums re-issue version from 2011. A must have in any Black Metal collection.


Band members:
Arganas - Drums, Percussion, Tapes
Karl NE (aka Draugr) - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Tapes

Label: Napalm Records
Country: Sweden

Myspace: http://myspace.com/nastrondofficial
Official: http://www.nastrond.se/