Artist: Mordant
Album: Black Evil Master

Year: 2011
Genrer: Black Metal, Death Metal
Run time: 30 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Mordant, a Swedish Blackened Death Metal band founded in Dals Långed, 1997. Much of their inspiration seems to come from bands like Nifelheim, Venom, Bathory and Iron Maiden. Ironically some part of Nifelheims members also comes from the same back-water as Mordant and their sound is very unique and also makes me thinking of Morbid Insulter

Black Evil Master
is the band's second full-length album released by the Swedish company To the Death. Previously, they released few demos and EPs , but Black Evil Master is undoubtedly their most exclusive creations. This is very different unlike Mordants previous works. They've really honed in their production and it's professionally done. If you have heard their previous demo "Back From Hell " from 2008 and thought it sounded too slushy, then you can count on me; Black Evil Master sounds much better, and just in case, if you wondered where the "speed"-sound has been in the past? Just take a look here - the drums clatter like never before and the melodic guitars rubs so hard that the hairs stand on itself like the dead from an anxious cemetery. If Mordant never managed to reach out with their music before, then this is the ultimate album that deserves an international recognition. This is about some quality Black Metal, and if you disagree with me then you have frankly a very bad taste.

The album starts quite nicely with the same name as the title of the album. The violent atmosphere is moving forward slowly, and step by step I start raising the control panel - This is senseless and So Fucking Metal. In this case I also managed to find titles as "Council of Evil" and "Total Inferno" as two of my favorite songs on the disc. The album grows and gets better every time I listen to it. Songs that I hadn't noticed in the same way has got a brand new score. The title "SADISM" is one of those songs that I dig in right now and it's a song I clearly can recommend.

To discuss the pros and cons; The songs aren't very long. Sometimes it feels that I haven't heard enough on a song that I managed to grow myself into - and suddenly the disc changing tracks. It feels like I myself would like to go in and extend certain songs - I just can not get enough.

I must not forget to mention; The cover-artwork was illustrated by our friend Daniel Johnsson. He's a really talented illustrator and has done album covers for many bands including "Blood Mortized", "Skeletal Spectre", "Torture Division", "Mausoleum", "Entrails", "Sorcery" and many, many more. If you're looking to get a CD/DVD-wrapping Illustrated, feel free to contact him here: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.t.johnsson


Band members:
Necrophiliac - Drums
Bitchfire - Vocals
Carnage - Bass
Soulmolester - Guitars (rhythm)
Angelreaper - Guitars (lead)

Label: To the Death
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: http://mordantblackmetal.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mordantblackmetal