To celebrate the first year anniversary of Acrotomophile Mutilator, the band will offer a limited edition of this album, pressed on red vinyl. INFECTION is happy to announce this milestone, for it is the first time they release an album in vinyl format.

"We're an independent band, and at this moment we aren't not supported by a label. We had to release our two albums independently. In the case of Acrotomophile Mutilator, our initial idea was to produce physical copies, but we were struggling in the financial department and that never happened. But now we've decided to make an effort and treat our fans. We're offering something unique, a very short run of our last production in vinyl. Now you can hear this sick album and experience the warmness of an analog production... nothing can compare to that!"

Acrotomophile Mutilator” is the title of the new Infection CD. Without departing from their roots, the band has incorporated a scoop of melodic and technical elements that will shine thanks to a crisp yet organic production. Mastered at “Massive Mastering” by John Scrip, it contains the right elements to grab the attention of headbangers around the world!

Only 100 copies of Acrotomophile Mutilator will be pressed. This edition has been carefully crafted: full colour spin­jacket, black disco­sleeve, red vinyl with custom labels, and an insert containing the album's lyrics.

Track listing of the LP is as follows:

01. When Children Murder
02. Tetrodotoxin
03. First­degree Murder
04. Kidnapped and Killed
05. Psychopath

01. Wish You Were Dead (Again)
02. Feasting with Feces
03. Regurgitating Human Parts
04. Acrotomophile Mutilator
05. Devouring the Living
06. Worse Than being Dead

Recording by Antonio Palacios.
Guitar re-amping by Sandro García at CT Audio.
Mixed at //Kill the Pixel Now Studio.
Mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering.
Album cover illustration by Óscar Huayamares.
Graphic design by //Kill the Pixel Now Studio.

Acrotomophile Mutilator Collector's Edition will be available starting July 1st 2015.

Pre­order your copy now in Bandcamp:

Website: http://www.infectionmetal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infectionmetal
MySpace: https://myspace.com/infectioncausesdeath