Artist: The Pirate Ship Quintet
Album: The Pirate Ship Quintet

Year: 2007
Genrer: Post Rock
Run time: 30 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

The Pirate Ship Quintet is an alternative post-rock band from Bristol in southwest England that blends terms like screamo and classical music. The band consists of five members. This is their first self-titled EP that was released by the company "Sound Devastation" in 2007. This is a stunning debut of their career, I was immediately in love the first time I listened to it.

Post-rock as genre contains quite tough and quiet parties with shoegaz-distorted guitar effects. What separates The Pirate Ship Quintet from the usual post-rock is that it sounds much heavier - almost in style of Post-Metal to put me right. Much of the sound-image can also be found in other post-rock bands like "ISIS", "Mogwai" and two of my favorite bands "Leech" and "Long Distance Calling". But the most effective with this group is the choice of instruments; a cello. To the band's big advantage is the member Sandy, she isn't only a cellist, but also intended to England's best example of "London Symphony Orchestra".

This EP contains three songs and the quality is really good. The music will bring you to different frame of mind. In general , I love it's surreal dream world in sound. So if you have a mind to empathize with music, then this EP is worth gold.

The first song is "Lost Science" and if it fails to evoke any kind of hysteria with its tradition of classical cello and modern layers of guitars , I'm convinced that you will love the next track; "I Kina Spiser De Hund", It's lush and establishes a soundscape with a distorted guitar layers and a twisted atmosphere. Instead of the repetitive, they have built up a style they condense together with a scary cello mixed with a piano piece that holds a dark sound. Unlike "Lost Science" they tend to pick out the best parts.

Finally we come to the third and longest song "Pirate Ship" which gradually begins faster than normal. Its pace is nevertheless much less subdued than its predecessor and feels very repetitive. The glimpses of dynamic wisdom shades when it finally changes direction after five minutes.

The Pirate Ship Quintet's EP shows extreme maturity to be a debut EP. Each band in its genre have to be patient to find that key that opens the memorable reconstruction and hauntingly lush atmosphere. The Pirate Ship Quintet really knows how to get started with it and help you to work through it. If there is a problem that is clear with this EP, then it's the repetitive structure of each individual track - not in shape, but in its core. But at the same time it helps with the dreamy atmosphere and becomes almost hypnotic masterpiece.


Band members:
Ziapour - Bass
Jona - Drums
Alex - Guitar
Alphie - Guitar
Sandy - Cello
Terrence - Vocals

Label: Denovali Records
Country: U.K

Bandcamp: https://thepirateshipquintet.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepirateshipquintet/