The man behind the swedish one-man band Islandrocks chose to remain anonymous during Goregasmic's previous interview. But since he started working on a new chapter the artist Thomas Nyholm choose to burst his anonymity. The man behind Islandrocks and the Black Metal-project Damnation Army breaks his bonds by working with Lloyd Kaufman and the film company Troma.

His cooperation with Troma came to life right after he upgraded his home studio, which meant the full width of all physical instruments.  'In all fronts, the idea came when I re-made some versions of the songs I'd previously done. One of them was Class Of Nuke Em High and the result was so good that I sent it to Lloyd Kaufman who responded within five minutes. He thought it was really good and I was requested to immediately contact his assistant for further actions.' - Thomas Nyholm

Thomas got contribute to more material , primarily covers of songs from classic Troma movies to a new webseries called Kabukiman 's Cocktail Corner. The first material was the theme song for the series , which was a cover of the theme song from the film SGT Kabukiman NYPD.

The rest is under production and therefore we can't go into more details about what exactly will be involved in the programs once they go online. But he also worked with members from bands like Portal and Blodsrit to make a new version of the theme song to "Toxic Avenger".

'In addition to this I also made the music for the Mike Malloy's upcoming documentary "Plastic Movies Rewound: The Story of the '80s Home Video Boom" (which was a hit with 'Euro Crime! The Italian cop and gangster film That Ruled the 70's . ') It is, according to me, the biggest project I've been on so far. Among other things, Leonard Maltin will participate in the documentary, which says a lot.'

Otherwise , Thomas has contributed in material to some more popular distributors such as Code Red and Another World Entertainment. "David Sakurai who's an actor and director, contacted me about his film "I Barbarism Dei Cph" as been shown at film festivals in Denmark. I was assigned to do the theme song to that film. And when it comes to Code Red I made the music in the documentary to their release of Madman 30th anniversary-edition."