For all those years this Swedish Death Metal band Entrails didn't change to anything bad. They stayed playing what they're best at, and now here is the new album Obliteration. We can still smell the brutality from those old days. Entrail's Obliteration will be another big blast from Metal Blade Records.

Entrails finally releasing the long awaited album "Obliteration". In their previous album "Raging Death" from 2013, the troops had finally given the popularity of Joakim Svensson and Co. undoubtedly deserve and certainly was also an incentive to maintain the high musical quality to "Obliteration". On the new album there is no exception, this is classic Death Metal in the highest pure culture that was recorded with lots of passion. No Compromise - 100% Swedish Old School Death Metal.

The new album will be available May 15th,
but you can already pre-order it today at: http://www.metalblade.com/entrails/

1. No Cross Left Unturned
2. Epitome of Death
3. Beyond the Flesh
4. The Grotesque
5. Obliterate
6. Skulls
7. Midnight Coffin
8. Bonestorm
9. Abyss of Corpses
10. Re-Animation of the Dead

Jimmy Lundqvist - Guitars
Jocke Svensson - Bass, Vocals
Andreas Mitroulis - Drums
Pontus "Penki" Samuelsson - Guitars