Director Henrik Andersen, who co-directed the Danish zombie-horror feature Codename: Yin/Yang a few years ago, handled 100 volunteers to make Outburst, which is a tribute to the horror films of the 70s and 80s. -It’s also a tribute to film making in general, Andersen said to TV2 in Denmark.
While Outburst is not a direct copy of famous genre movies, many of the pioneering directors has influenced Andersen; Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci are of course among the main influences, as are Enzo G. Castellari’s The New Barbarians. -We love the way film was made back then. The honesty and sincerity those movies radiate, in good ways and bad ways, is real film in our view. Something big productions today lack. Other favourite directors include Ruggero Deodato, Mario Bava, George Romero, Tobe Hooper, Jack Hill, Stuart Gordon, Jesus Franco, Sergio Martino, Umberto Lenzi, and Jean Rollin. Andersen to Sørensen Exploitation Cinema: -The willpower that fueled their visions and creativity so it could be captured on film, is a huge inspiration. One scene in the film is a direct tribute to a scene in Mad Max 2: The road warrior, and in the same scene there is a hint to the Swedish exploitation classic Thriller (aka The Call Her One Eye), starring the legendary Christina Lindberg.

Danish splatter-horror short Udbrud / Outburst refers to a mysterious plague that creates hordes of zombies. The story takes place in a world on the virge of breakdown. A girl, who goes unnamed in the film, must use all her survival skills to get through the sudden outbreak. Howevever, bubonic-ridden creatures of terror from the pits of hell are queued up to make her life sour. - Nordic Fantasy

Henrik Andersen, who not only directs Outburst but also co-wrote it with Kim Hermansen (the two also financed the movie with their own money), runs the company AMOS-FX (A matter of splatter) which provides special effects for around 20 movies, shorts and commercials each year.
He prefers physical special effects: -We use [squibs] and make small explotions in front of rolling cameras. It always looks better when you make it real like that. But we can’t make everything, so we also use digital treatment, he says to the Danish newspaper JyllandsPosten, referring to gunfire. In OUTBURST we try to combine Physical effects with Digital effects, so they are doing the best for each other.

"Outburst is not sponsored by any others than ourselves, and it filmed on very low budget cameras. A Canon 600D is a fine Camera, but not the best out there. We hope that with Outburst we can inspire people around the world to grap what they got and go out there and make movies ….have fun with it, and just follow your crazy ideas ..jus do it …we hope that when you see Outburst you will think …wow these guys had some fun doing it ….and we hope that you can se that we really love films!" 

Director Andersen describes his film as “fun, because it exaggerates so much” and “so grotesque that one will laugh at it”. Several scenes required 35 litres of blood each, so fans of the crimson stuff should expect Outburst to deliver!

The film’s composer Flemming Berg has made a soundtrack similar to those of John Carpenter, Claudio Simonetti, Ennio Morricone and Goblin. Synthesizer horror scores at their best!

The main character is played by Anne Stenholt , daily actor , and has several roles behind her at Århus theater. The remaining participants are old friends and acquaintances, and all have supported the project in a nice positive way.

Write a mail to Henrik Andersen If you want to buy a DVD copy of OUTBURST: broderbyld@yahoo.dk

  • Danish language with English subtitles
  • Running time 39 minutes aprox.
  • PAL region 0 coding
  • Anamorphic widescreen image
  • Special features: gallery, three featurettes, two trading cards

  • Director: Henrik Andersen.
    Producer: Henrik Andersen, Kim Hermansen.
    Foto: Kim Hermansen.
    Edit/Digital Effects: Andreas Krag.
    Music: Flemming Berg.
    Makeup and Hair: Britt Borghild Morsing.
    Effect makeup: AMOS-FX / Henrik Andersen.
    With: Anne Stenholt, Niklas Pedersen, Tina Petersen, Anders Villy Ehrenreich Eriksen, Mads Reng.

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