Written by Kriss Karlberg

What to say about these guys? Hmm... Let me begin to talk about the style of music this band, and a bunch of other bands, playing just about right now in this moment. A genre called "Stoner" that have raised In popularity far too big. I dont know why, but it's a fact. The late 1960's - early 1970's is a big influence in all kind of way today. In music to name one, It's a HYPE  and yeah... I love that kind of music, I really do, especifically the heavier kind of sort. BUT I dont like hypes in any kind!

Please, don't get me wrong here. I love doomrock, I really do... But damn... There is to much of it right now. Doomrock-bands is popping up everywhere for every single minute. Old farts with long hair and beard that plays Doom is nothing unusual these days. It's too many of them,  I'd say!

And now to "LUGNET" then. They're good swedish musicians and got lots of good grooves, punchy riffs and good hooks. THIS is a bunch of musically well played dudes with a singer that have a certain fondness for Led Zeppelin.

I think this actually works if you compare it with other harder Boogie and Blues-inspired rock in the sort of same type of genre. These guys have dropped the darker and mystic type of style with lyrics about evil witches, satan and occult wizards. Instead of that they deliver a strait, honest punch in your face-riffs - A little lighter and faster ...

So it feels good hearing from guys with some other perspective just like LUGNET has. Maybe I think that the production limping slightly as it is too polished for my taste to say some negative. Little shitty and more fuzzy sounding would had been great to get a taste of a more analog studio-feeling over it. But over all, I dig this, I really do!!