Written by: Magnus Blomdahl.

Scott Schirmers Found from 2012 is one of those low budget gems that you'll remember years after you've seen it, once in a while it pops up during some random movie conversation, or in your nightmares. Found combines horror with coming-of-age in a splendid way. We get to follow Marty growing up, confronted with bullying, puberty and a brother that's a necrophiliac mad men. One of the worst. And that's all good.

What really made people talk about Found was the movie within the movie: Headless. That's the movie Marty keeps watching, similar to his own life but just a movie huh? Now this gore-soaked piece of trash has been transformed into a full lengh feature of it's own. Headless is written by Nathan Erdel and now with new director Arthur Cullipher, instead of Scott Schirmer who's the producer this time together with Forbidden Films and Gentleman Monster Productions.

So, what's Headless about? A crazy cannibalistic killer with a certain specality of eating his victims eyes and fuck their eyesockets, of course. This is skullfucking for real! Other than that there's not much to say, the killer's constantly fighting his own demons, remembering his childhood locked inside a cage and his mean sister urinating on his head. And sure, you totally gets why he loves to slice the tits of young innocent girls: because he's fucking crazy!

So, it's a real trip, great effects and overall good acting. And also cool introduction of skullboy, the killer as a child, guiding him through his miserable so called life. Headless is another great example on the success of crowdfunding, hopefully the team behind this will go for a sequel as well, come on, take my money!

What more to say about Headless? It's based on an intern joke and it says to be a lost slasher film from 1978. This one along with Found will be hard to beat current contemporary indie films. Just give it a watch if you like depraved torture at it's best.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Directed by: Arthur Cullipher
Written by: Nathan Erdel, Todd Rigney
Produced by: Shane Beasley, Timothy J. Bowen,
Nick DeCarlo, Kara Erdel, Nathan Erdel,Christina Land, Scott Schirmer, Sam Sturgeon, Leya Taylor, Jason West

Cinematography by: Leya Taylor
Editing by: Scott Schirmer, Arthur Cullipher
Special Effects by: Shane Beasley, Kirk Chastain,
Arthur Cullipher, David Hancock, Christina Land,
Scott Maus, Cole Nicoson, David Pruett, Yeats Roahrig, Evan Stauffer, Sam Sturgeon, Leya Taylor

Music by: Mike Anderson, Arthur Cullipher,
Magician Johnson, James Nash

Cast: Shane Beasley, Kelsey Carlisle, Ellie Church,
Dave Parker, Kaden Miller Kaden, Jennifer Lee,
Haley Madison, Brian Williams, Matt Keeley, Emily Solt McGee, Jessica Schroeder, Olivia Arnold, Nathan Erdel, Ben Monticue, John 'Roach' Triton, Magician Johnson

Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 25min

Distributor: Forbidden Films/ Gentleman Monster Productions