Written by Magnus Blomdahl.

One of the best things with directors like Marian Dora is that they always leaves massive trails  of rumours after them. Whatever they do, wherever they go, people are talking. And that's good right? Well it all depends on the rumours. In Doras case it all comes down to the killing of animals for the sake of art … yup, just like old Deodato and his turtles. These are not good rumours, as a matter of fact, it's nearly as bad as being accused of killing children on screen. Personally I really don't care – ouch, that came out wrong.

Do I think it's wrong? Yes, I do, equally wrong as killing for food. Anything else would make me a hypocryte. Killing for food or culture is both wrong. But on the other hand, meat is good and the sacrifice of a hamster in Doras latest near-death-experience Carcinoma packs a powerful punch. It's one of the things that makes the film into something more than just a film. I don't say that as a good thing, just stating the facts.

Dorian lives a full life with his girlfriend. He is popular at work, and also with the fellow he is well received . But one day, he feels that something is wrong with him so he decides to get medical advice. It turns out that Dorian has been diagnosed with colon cancer and that he must be treated right away. After a harrowing night in the hospital, he dismisses himself and his cancer can run free, which ends in a truly perverse development.
Carcinoma is yet another abstract masterpiece by the rarely seen director Marian Dora, here under the pseudonym Art Doran. The story is simple, but carries a lot to be seen when it comes to the weird and bizarre. Here our main character gets diagnosed with terminal cancer in the gut. He refuses to be treated, instead he slowly dies in front of the viewers eyes. He sorta melts into a pile of shit, piss, puke, flesh. Visuals you can't really turn off once you've seen 'em. You could say that it's an ode to death, creepy, disgusting, yet beautiful, with a score that's similar to the likes of a Buttgereit movie. Depressing, I know, but still rare to get to experience sucha film. Have you ever ventured into the valleys of Marian Doras strange worlds, you'll know what I mean.

This is not a film for everyone, first of all, excrement … if you can't stand the view of shit pulsating through wide open anuses, sprayed on walls, boiling in toilets. Don't watch Carcinoma! Second of all, do you have a problem with animal snuff? Don't watch Carcinoma! No turtles – or cats – but a load of rodents being eaten alive by snakes and stuff like that. Third of all, is the thought of death making you suicidal? Don't watch Carcinoma! It's like cutting yourself with a rusty razor. Well done Art Doran!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Directed by: Marian Dora
Written by: Marian Dora
Produced by: Thomas Goersch
Cinematography by: Marian Dora
Editing by: Marian Dora
Special Effects by: Marian Dora
Music by: ?
Cast: Ulli Lommel, Thomas Goersch, Carina Palmer, Stanley Grimmer, Dorian Piquardt,
Curd Berger, Lisbeth Piquardt, Daniela Friedel, Dr. Ferdinand Hartmann.

Year: 2014
Country: Germany
Language: German
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 27min

Distributor: I Love Snuff