Written by: Greigh Johanson.

We're completely spoiled with zombie films these days, but none of any selected zombie film is really so original as Bone Sickness I think. The American director Brian Paulin gives us a classic "Rise from the Grave" -flick with nice old-school effects and the present properties around the story may also be those who make the film so unique in its creation.

But personally I'm not entirely positive addressed to Bone Sickness, because it carries on more flaws than it manages to carry up. The film starts very strong with a good performance and a great passion, but Brian manages the work carelessly in the middle of the film and it ends with a cinematic tragedy, and that's so sad because Brian has a talent of his own.

Alex suffers from a mysterious and incurable disease that causes his body slowly turns into an infected prison. His wife Kirsten goes in desperation to Alex friend Thomas and asks for a possible cure for the disease. Thomas works at a morgue and come up with the idea of ​​using the remains of the deceased to try to create an alternative medicine. Oddly enough, this unusual medication works and Alex soon begins to recover. But the dead are not as happy. They don't like the idea that their bodies will be used in this way, so they return from the grave to take back what was stolen from them.

Bone Sickness is a good attempt that could've been done in a much better way. The light-set is beneath contempt, and the actors are not the best team to carry out the work. I didn't think the impact was so enticing that it had previously been rumored about - this because it was so bad edited and it removed the ultimate experience. It jumped quite frantically between scenes and showed the design from different angles with some really poorly executed cuts. The story seemed to suffer with it to an end, and when it was thought that the film's meaningful plot to strike, it misled on me instead with a series of uninteresting effects.

But I have to say that Brian has actually worked hard with it, for sure. Most of the buildings and the properties of the film consists of home-made constructions, which he made ​​in his garage and the constitution of the zombies is really scary gruesome. I also liked the scenes with the worms; the sound-effects in this film are probably among the most intense you can see on film. I think Andrey Iskanov and Brian Paulin is in the same steps regarding these sounds - It sounds like a tight pussy gets pinched, as taken from an Asian porno.

This is a film that must have be seen in order to understand it in its full entirety. Possibly it will be your last trip in Brian Paulin 's odd world, but if you do like old-school films with a content of breasts, dirty zombies and lots of gore, then you'll probably appreciate it.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Directed by: Brian Paulin
Written by: Brian Paulin
Produced by: Eli Connors, Rich George and Brian Paulin
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by: Brian Paulin
Special Effects by: Brian Paulin
Music by: Brian Paulin
Cast: Kevin Barbare, Griff Brohman, Brian DeClercq, Rich George, Ernest Hutcherson, Ruby Larocca, Anthony Menna, Brian Paulin, Christopher P. Reilly, Darya Zabinski, Kristen McNetti.
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 38min

Distributor: Unearthed Films.