Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

The first ABCs of Death really blew up way before it was officially released, as soon as the concept story and cover got leaked I sat like a jumping kid with a big smile in December longing for the days to pass until the wonders of christmas eve, and after finally open all the presents just to realize that about seven out of ten gifts contains a lump of coal. Sure it's really lowbudget but seriously even zero budget things can be interesting if it´s done right so that´s never a valid excuse.

I´m not completely sure what happened but it seems like the most of the writers just threw up something as quick as possible in the middle of some bigger jobs. The letdown of the first one didn´t really make me all tingly when I heard that a sequel was in the making and the cover isn´t as eyecatching as the first one but I still had a little hope inside of me wishing that this one would at least be twentyfive percents better than the first one, it didn´t feel like it was to much to ask for.

 I was thinking about how I should do ths review, I really don´t want to make a mass-statement and say something like "I liked 12 out 26 because...." and so on so I´ll just review evereything segment by segment without spoiling anything. The introduction and the theme music brought me a big smile and I hoped that the smile would last for a while.

A is for Amateur: Directed by E.L Katz that have made such movies as Home Sick, Pop Skull and Autopsy, with that in mind i was hoping for something short fast, bloody and fun and I pretty much got what I was asking for although it wasn´t that much blood served to the screen.

A is about a hired killer that goes out to do a job but things doesn´t exactly go as planned, in the end it was pretty amusing and an easy start to break the ice.

B is for Badger is directed by Julian Barratt who have made mostly Brittish comedy series from the look of it, I love Brittish comedy but i haven´t seen any of his written creations or anything he acted in so I had no idea what to expect.

A filmteam is doing a documentary about a factory that have polluted the vicinity and extinct the badgers that lived close by but as they are filming a big surprise comes their way, pretty easy to watch but it ended exactly as i thought it would.

C is for Capital Punishment: written an ddirected by Julian Gibbley who  is more known for crime dramas and som pretty good ones too so I was eager to see what he could do for the ABCs.

A woman have disappeared and her boyfriend stands accused for murdering her which spurs the locals to take justice in their own hands. Quick and bloody with a little coincidental twist that didn´t exactly deliver the chockvalue.

D is for Deloused: Made by Robert Morgan and I have no idea what he have done, past this but if his previous works is half as interesting as this I have to see them all!

D is an animated stop motion that, I can´t describe it and i don´t want to either, it´s a surreal dark, bizarre piece of thing and I really liked it.

E is for Equilibrium: Written and directed by Alejandro Brugués who also wrote Juan of the Dead, a movie that I really enjoyed.

E is about two men, perhaps brothers but that is just unnecessary to give a bigger thought, they live in a deserted place, unshaven and shabby, one day they find an unconscious woman on the beach and decides to help her, the woman starts to take over things and tries to tidy everything up and it delivers a pretty funny ending.

F is for falling: Directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado who have collaborated on two movies prior to this short, Big Bad Wolves and Rabies, both sounds interesting and I have yet to see them both.

F is probably the most realistic segment out of the whole movie, a pretty nice story about a woman that is stuck in a tree with her parachute in a hostile country and gets discovered by an armed boy who she tries to make a peaceful conversation with and it all ends like no one thought it would.

G is for Grandad: by Jim Hoskin who haven´t really done all to much but he is coming up with a movie called The Greasy Strangler in 2016 and I´m going to keep myself updated regarding the production and the release of it.

A grandfather and his grandson is sitting in the livingroom sharing a drink and having a conversation, well as much of a conversation as they can have as to say, when the obnoxious grandson get´s ready for bed he gets the biggest surprise of his life and I have to say that I didn´t expect that, pretty funny for it´s length and it made me more curious about his upcoming project.

H is for Headgames: animated by Bill Plympton and i have so much homework to do when it comes to his works, everything looks so interesting and I´m a bit ashamed that I haven´t seen that many of his movies and this segment made my interest in his works grow.

It´s not exactly a story in H, it´s an animated piece and as Deloused i can´t write a synopsis more than it´s a surreal, metaphorical view of headgames between a man and a woman, I liked this one too, alot.

I is for Invincible: Directed by Erik Matti, a relatively wellknown director and writer from Philippines, in I he successfully made a segment that looks like it had a high budget, it´s really wellmade and entertaining.

A family tries to off their oldest relative so that they can get their hands on the inheritance, something that prooves to be alot harder than they thought.

J is for Jesus: Made by Dennison Ramalho who also wrote Embodiment of Evil, one of the later movies with Coffin Joe so this will be interesting.

A father and a priest tries to exorcise the gay out of his son and the results get bloody, had some really nice moments actually, felt very rushed but as a short it was pretty promising.

K is for Knell: Directed by Bruno Samper and Kristina Buozyte who made Aurora (Vanishing Waves) this also took me enter a to a new territory when it comes to having no idea what this segment will be like.

A woman witnesses a murder spree in the building next to her and something seems to be unhuman with the attackers and then things evolve to the more bizarre, this one had alot of potential and I would like to see a longer version of it.

L is for Legacy: This one is by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen who have directed alot of movies in his homeland Africa and I have seen none of them.

Starting of pretty serious with a shackled man that is carried of to be sacrificed, the priest defies his orders and then hell breaks loose, it´s such a big contrast from the serious start to the cartoonish ending, this one really should need a bit more playtime because it didn´t really add up.

M is for Masticate: By Robert Boocheck another new name to add to my list. I don´t know what to write about this one, it´s easy, it´s funny and it´s a nobrainer so whatever i am going to write will spoil it,  and the ending, well that one was easy to figure out but it still gave me a big smirk on my face.

N is for Nexus: this segment is made of a more known profile, namely Larry Fessenden, at least people should recognize his face as Willy in i Sell the Dead, at least anyway.

So how did he manage with his ABCs? well it´s the most complicated one but the story might not be new and the ending comes as no surprise, it´s halloween and alot of people have dressed up this occasion, here we follow a couple of them and al of them will meet up in the end.

O is for Ochlocracy: Written by Hajime Ohata, who seems to have a very few jobs under his belts, and some pretty interesting too and based on this one I´m going to follow his future career.

Ochlocracy is depicting a world were the zombies have taken over but not as in the usual movies, these zombies can run a system, make rules and conversations and even the law is upheld by zombies and ominously for the humans, killing zombies is illegal.

P is for P-P-P-P Scary! if you thought that the title was odd, well watch the segment, this one is made by Todd Rohal, I haven´t seen any of his movies so far but have had the urge to check out The Catechism Cataclysm.

P is odd, very odd but mindfuckingly interesting and visually it´s more like an old comic like comedy show, it´s not much of a story, 3 prisoners is on the run and as they wander in the dark they see a man sitting with a baby in his arms, the man get´s exalted and then things get weird.

Q is for Questionnaire: Directed by Rodney Ascher that have made a couple  of shorts amongst others and I still have to see Visions of Terror.

Q is pretty interesting, a man is answering a couple of intellectual question that could lead to a bigger potential career-development, but it has a catch and it´s alot bigger than he ever suspected.

R is for Roulette: Directed by Marvin Kren who had a big part in the making of Rammbock (Berlin Undead) one of the more realistic zombiemovies out there but also one fo the most pointless and boring ones considering me, I have missed Blutgletscher but the curiousity is there.

R starts not surprisingly enough with three people that plays Russian Roulette, the game do have a surprising ending though, pretty neat but pretty blank.

S is for Split: Written and directed by Juan Martínez Moreno, the man wo wrote Game of Werewolves and sets a pretty high standard in this anthology.

S starts with the conversation of a husband and wife, in the middle of the conversation a masked intruder breaks in and things quickly get´s violent and ends up in an unexpected way.

T is for Torture Porn: Written and directed by the Soska Sisters, and everyone should be familiar with them by now especially after Dead hooker in a Trunk, American Mary and See no Evil 2.

T starts off showing a recording of a porn movie where the male director tries to turn on and dominate the less interesting actress in a manchauvinistic manner, when her dress comes off the tables are quickly turned.

I really like the concept but ut could have been done in a more, not so "Dark Angelish" way.

U is for Utopia: Directed by Vincenco Natali, yes the man that made Cube and went on to write and direct bigger movies and tv shows.

Here we see a plastic, futuristic, superficial society where those outside the norm doesn´t fit in, it´s really well made and it manages perfectly in makig a point.

V is for Vacation: Written and Directed by Jerome Sable who made.... is that a remake of Stage Fright? with Meatloaf and Minnie Driver? do I really want to now? nevermind, let´s go to Vacation.

In Vacation two friends goes to vacation ofcourse, one of them starts a conversation with his girlfriend over Skype, Facetime or whatever videochat is out there, his friend grabs the phone and shows her something she didn´t want to believe and thisngs even get´s worse, short, unpleasant and bloody.

W is for Wish: Directed by Steven Kosanski, the man that made Manborg, need I say more? yeah actually I do, Steven Kosanski is an excellent in the make up/special effects department and seems to like making funny B-movies, so is Wish in the same vein as Manborg and Fathers Day?
Yes! Wish is a funny, bloody, colourful sci fi gore thinged short movie with tributes of the olden era,

Two brothers are sitting around and plays with their He Man spin off toys and wishes to help the good guys, their wish is granted and it seems like it wasn´t such a good idea after all.

X is for Xylophone: Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury well known for their work on Inside and Livide amongst others so the bar was set high.

A babysitter sits calmly and watches the child playing on her xylophone but as time goes by something in the sound gets the better parts off her psyche and completely takes over, gruesome and very wellmade!

Y is for Youth: Written and directed by Sôichi Umezawa, Sôichi have been in the make up and special effects departement since the nineties and Youth is the first official writing and directing job he have done, he should without a doubt do more because this one was really fascinating.

The story is told through a high school girl that sees the flaws of her brother, mother and her daily life,  everything is told in visual metaphores where the special effects does the most of the talking, it gets bloody and hilarious!

Z is for Zygote: written and directed by Chris Nash who prior to this have made a couple of shorts and some seems to be very interesting.

Z starts off pretty dramatic about a pregnant woman whos husband have to leave her for a while, leaving her with roots for the foetus for reasons unknown, after a while things are changing to the weirder, ending this ABC pretty strong and with a bewildering ending that took a couple of second to get through.

I have to say that my interest stayed through the second one better than the first one, might be because I had no expectations at all and new exactly how the concept of ABCs of Death is done.
The biggest problem is that no one is given enough time to entice the viewer to the full, that´s where it fails the hardest, everything feels like teaser to something bigger and better that is going to be released but then you realize that that´s it and alot more could have been done, well for what it is I really enjoyed the most of them and some of them just went by in a fast pace.