Directed by: Rob Schrab
Written by: Rob Schrab
Stars: Kurt Scholler, Chris Tallman, Robia LaMorte... Read more

Year: 2002
Genrer: Action, Animation, Comedy, SciFi, Short
Run time: 17 minutes
My rating: 3 out of 5

I'm not the biggest sci-fi fan, not at all, but sometimes I give the genre a chance, and sometimes I find films which surprises me very much. Robot Bastard! was one of those titles that was something extraordinary. There is clearly a very odd experience that you probably have not seen before. It's one of those rare gems that actually does well to just play out for 15 minutes. This short film is directed by Rob Schrab and this was his debut film.

The president's daughter Catherine has been kidnapped by a super-criminal leader named Blood Mamba. Thanks to this evil genius, it's also impossible for people to escape from her evil plans in the satellite. There's only one thing left to do: send a robot on a mission. The robot goes to battle against the zombie monsters and insecurity fumes in the air to complete his suicide mission.

Rob Schrab's vision was to create a colorful world who expressed his own style. He wanted his debut as a director would also produce a very special atmosphere. Robot Bastard! cost about $16000 to produce and was filmed with a Super 16 camera. The film contains zealot, explosions and stop-motion, as well as computer animations and models via a greenscreen. He colors a new way for us, as a new era where the essence and depth of idealism and self-sacrifice are portrayed, and it easily penetrates into the deepest recesses of the audience's hearts and minds.

This film evokes tears of sadness and joy, and in the end, it's a taste of bittersweetness that still leaves a huge void. This is one of the short films where the ultimate justification and the reward for the creator gives us the ability to reason the free will to perform our greatest desires.


Produced by: Todd Bishop, Rob Schrab
Cinematography by: Robb Fischer
Editing by: Todd Bishop, Rob Schrab
Special Effects by: Brian Van Dorn
Music by: Thomas L. Muschitz
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Rob Schrab Films