Artist: Mephorash
Album: Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás

Year: 2015
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 15 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

The bigger part of the Swedish black metal scene have throughout the years become a safe joke, too big egos and rockstar ideals have turned the scene to some sleazerock-like cultstatus with a following of the general churchgoer to overmaked up goth teengirls with multiple colours in their hair and as always a Watain shirt, and the music became watered down and no one had the guts to stick out and talking down to the core scene is useless, those are the fanbase in these days.

I discussed with the guitarist Erik Andersson a while ago and he wasn't really satisfied with the result of Death Awakens and he also hesitated the end result of Chalice of Thagirion which now is Mephorash second album.

Because of the reasons stated above and our general lack of hope of the Swedish scene nowadays except from acts like Samhara, it's time to focus on the teaser to Mephorash coming EP named Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás, this time they have brought Jonas "Nebiros" Tengner (Malign, ex-Ofermod) to perform the preachings of the infinite form of Naught and the grand, divine procedure of apotheosis.

The song starts to ignite slowly and in an emotional ambience with choirs of Mozart's composing of Lacrimosa. The choirs brings a lightweight safe barrier and then the guitars breaks it apart completely and everything get's struck down with a flash of energy that throbs through my body pleasantly as a stream of blood whirls and squirms it's way through a pond of water, this song surprised me alot, the churning guitars and thundering drums creates a thick covered experience when it appears in the purest midpaced form.

Everything in the composition and the pattern of the vocals temporary formed a meditational void that passed beyond the dimensions of mere a musical outlet, the erratic physical reality became dim and the energies clasped by my carnal incarceration and wandered through my mind, pointing in three directions and gently opened portals, sadly the purity of such ascension did not seem to attain itself all through for when the pace starts to pick up the feelings of a genericness once again torments and my focus starts to blindly retract itself, luckily that passage is a temporar obstacle and the song continues to climb the same transcendental channels yet again.

Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás is an almost nine minutes long variational spiritual journey to Godhood with a couple of minutes break to earth again, for me this is an album that I have to purchase as soon as it's released, this time Mephorash have proved themselves worthy and it's fucking good!


Band members:
Mishbar Bovmeph - Guitars (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
Ayram Etaumiel - Guitars (rhythm), Bass
Mashkelah M'Ralaa - Vocals

Label: Hell Attacks Productions
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://mephorash.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mephorash