Written by Greigh Johanson

Killer Condom is a German homosexual horror comedy from 1996, based on the comic book of the same name by Ralf König (Skräckkondomen I & II from the Swedish label Epix). It's directed by Martin Walz and the condom, which mainly looks like a cross between Audrey II from "Little Shop of Horrors" and a sock-puppet with teeth, is created by Germany's badboy of terror Jörg Buttgereit and HR Giger (who designed the Alien) as a creative consultant.

In New York, four men have their penis ripped in room 308 of the cheap Hotel Quickie. The Sicilian homosexual smoker Detective Luigi Mackeroni is in charge of the investigation. While inquiring in the hotel, Mackeroni has a crush on the prostitute Billy, goes with Billy to room 308 and they have intercourse in the crime scene. Luigi uses the condom supplied as compliment by the hotel and it eats his testicle. The official version for the police department is that Billy torn Mackeroni's testicle, and nobody believes in Mackeroni's version. After many other mutilations, Mackeroni finds that a fanatic religious woman intends to destroy gays, hookers, transvestites and other perverts, using this weird specimen developed in the laboratory to castrate men.

If you are a person who bothered by homosexuality, I have the honor to say that this is not the film for you. I summoned myself that Killer Condom is a delicious and very entertaining trash film. I want to place the film in a tragicomic genres, because it's all about happiness and joy as much as misery and sorrow. The darkness lurks occasionally in the light, and sometimes it hurts to go through it. We're pulled down in the muck with homosexuals and transsexuals who only find happiness through prostitution. But when the condom excites onto the jewels, their life suddenly becomes bleak and meaningless.

What we might not really understand is that the killer condom in this case is a metaphor for AIDS. Behind all the violence lurks a strong and subconscious signal of tolerance and understanding. I like the message of the film and the metaphorical mind. It carries a very dark humor that feels a bit shitty to laugh at, but still manages to entertain as much as it hurts.

This is not like any Troma filmrelease whatsoever, but do you like gay-humor and severed penises, this is obviously the film for you. I find it hard to recommend it, but it is very strange and you have to show up in order to accept homosexuals in the same way as heterosexuals to even bother with it.