KEMPER (2008)

Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

Like the most of us that are into the morbid, gory and extreme subjects I have had a profound fascination for serial killers for years, reading biographies, watching documentaries and interviews with them was more than a horror movie could deliver, but as the movieindustries likes to pick up on them and attempt to suck as much money of their mischief it mostly becomes an embarassing PG13 satire of the actual story and deeds, this is why I have a tendency to keep me away from movies based on the life of the killers and not like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho and the likes of it that takes a little smidge of the deeds of a killer and builds up something completely capable to stand on it´s own.

This time it's time to see what they have done to Mr Edmund Kemper, the famous serial killer and necrophiliac. The real story of Edmund Kemper is a pretty special and gruesome story, I'm going to make a short description for the few of you who haven´t read any info about hi, Ed Kemper was born 1948 and in an early age he started expose a psychotic, eradic behaviour that got conformed by his acts of torturing and killing animals.

Growing up his mother and grandmother constantly belittled him which more or less made him hate women in the long run, when he turned fifteen he and his grandmother broke out into an argument and Edmund ended up with shooting  her in the head, then killed his grandfather, his reasons for the action was that he just wanted to know how it felt like to kill grandma and he killed grandpa because he knew that he would be angry because he killed her wife. After lesser than five years Edmund got released from prison into his mothers care, then having grown into a 6,9 feet and about 300 pound behemoth having an iq above 145 and looking generally like societys nice guy he had a great advantage as a future serial killer.

In one year he managades to kill six women and ended up in killing his mother and her friend before he felt that it was enough and turned himself in. The murders involved strangulation, shooting, stabbings and ending up in a sexualact with the corpse and mutilation, his mother got an extra treat, he decapitated her and had sex with her head, placing her head on a shell and started to throw darts as hard as he could at her face, he ended the desecration with ripping out her vocalcords and shoving it in the garbage disposal, the garbage disposal couldn´t shred the cords and spat it back out.

The first thing I had to make sure of was that it´s not made by Ulli Lommel, in that case I would not sit and write this review right now. In the beginning of the movie I can see alot of faults and obviously the movie Kemper is just based on a real story,meaning that there are parts that matches perfectly with the real story and as usual the biggest part consists of inputs of sheer fiction that is less interesting than the real story.

We don´t follow the story of Ed Kemper and his antics, no we have to follow the footsteps of Harris, a police officer that is a lookalike of Kyle Maclachlans role Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks and then remove all form of charisma and quick delivered dialouges, now we have stale boredom without any form of personality, then meet Ed Kemper, Harris friend who helps him with cases and is on the governments payrole, Ed Kemper is an average length, scrawny forty year old man with what is suppose to be a high iq, nothing that even comes close to actually be proven in this movie, they gave the actor lines with what´s suppose to be big words so less litterate people at least can believe that he is smart.

Moviewise it doesn´t take long before Harris get´s to know that Ed is the serial killer that he is looking for, and he more or less got to know it from Ed himself then the hunt begins or something likely, the whole policedepartment acts like a bunch of daycare kids and Edmund really doesn´t help either with his pseudo attempt to being intellectual but still messes up everything by calling Harris and ranting about completely unnecessery thing.

Meanwhile as that disaster is going on the moviemakers felt that we don´t have enough boredom in their movie so they decide to create a little personal space for Harris were we can see his home and his girlfriend that has a slightly mental breakdown after knowing what Kemper is doing for fun, they have invited him for dinner multiple times and he was nice but he could have killed them both because he was capable of it and so on, here is where i had to stop the movie, I couldn´t take it, I had to stop it and watch interviews with the real Kemper for almost two hours before I could watch this retched attempt to movie based on real events that is far more interesting, watching grass grow is more interesting than this and more granting as food for the brain.

So the movie barks on a rantng way far from the real story and even if it wasn´t based on a real story it´s still an illogic, unnecessary badly written/ directed and a lethargic movie in general, it´s like a twelve year old would have seen an episode of Criminal Minds or any other criminal drama and tried to write one in three days, how did this even get financed?
And no there is no gore or grisly funny bits that stands out in this movie, it´s hardly anything at all that should be take into consideration.

This is even far from reality than the Ed Gein movie with Kane Hodder, that one was all over the place and made me pretty miserable as a Gein fan, if my brain can take it I´m going to compare that one to the real life Gein in the future.

In the end I really feel sorry for the writer, director and actors of this movie but I feel more sorry for the real life Kemper, the poor thing is still alive, you could wait with defiling his reputation until after his death, but the one that I feel most sorry for is me, I watched this and i can´t unwatch it, I wish that Lommel had made this one!