Directed by: Adrián Cardona
Written by: Adrián Cardona, David Ortiz
Stars: José María Angorrilla, Juan Cardona, Vicente Pizarro.

Year: 2007
Genrer: Horror, Short, Splatter
Run time: 19 minutes
My rating: 2 out of 5

Since the first day I got acquainted with director Adrián Cardona and his Spanish film company Eskoria Films, I roughly knew what I would come to expect once again. Brutal Relax and Morid Hijos de Puta was only a beginning on this notable journy. Unlike their other films, this one is a real backyard-trash film that invites our brain on a traveling back to the 80's:

Manolo is a guy who works hard for a company to reform the masonry and plumbing. He gets tired of overtime, he gets sick of the customers who always complain, tired of the shameless exploitation and tired of an economy that is not even high enough to support his furniture to his modest apartment. But one night he finds a solution to all his problems. He sees a television program that gives him inspiration. But the question is whether the program he sees actually exist? - Or has Manolo become mentally unstable?

What I like the most with Eskoria Films is that they lend sequences and patterns from classic movies and produces something completely own of the whole concept. You may seem to recognize a lot of flirts with older movies such as Toolbox Murders and Driller Killer to name a few, but Brico Killer bears all the scenes in its own little way. During certain sequences, I dreamed back to my youth when I was a dork in front of the TV and fed myself with cheesy 80's horror movies.

Brico Killer offers beautiful flashbacks and delicious gore sequences like no other movies has managed to achieve so far. The quality works a bit like an old grindhouse movie, and as usual, the team has worked well with images, sound, and light technology and that's truely an important characteristic for success to reach out to a wider audience these days.

Otherwise, Brico Killer is possibly one of Eskoria Films weaker movies, but I underestimated myself lucky to have been able to watch it and as I told you, it gave me a trip back in time - back to my childhood memories. Adrian and Eskoria Films should have a big thanks for that!


Produced by: Eskoria Films
Cinematography by: Eskoria Films
Editing by: Eskoria Films
Special Effects by: Eskoria Films
Music by: Adrián Cardona
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Color: Color

Distributor: Eskoria Films