Directed by: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Written by: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Stars: EKatharine Isabelle, Antonio Cupo, Tristan Risk... read more

Year: 2012
Genrer: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Run time: 1h 43min
My rating: 4 out of 5

I have been curious about this movie for a while but I've never had the strong urge to watch it. That is until I heard that it's a horror movie about extreme body modifications, I've been a big follower of body modifications in general and extreme forms since I was 14  and have through the years endured my own body through some of the works and rites so everything regarding BME have a special place in my interest, I even got entertained by the extremely flawed Strangeland made by one of the coolest men on earth, Dee Snyder, now that wasn't a good movie by any means but it gained a special place nonetheless. So let us see if the Soska Sisters can touch this subject in a better way.

There have been a couple of hard criticism regarding this movie, most people that complains have been chocked and labelled it like "torture porn" now I don't know if they completely missed to see the cover and read the synopsis of the movie but it should be pretty obvious in what direction American Mary is heading. The other big issue that people seems to have is that it's not a fullfledged horrormovie and doesn't deliver the scares and the plot is in a great lack of logic and progression of Mary moves all too quick, I agree on both of the points but then I haven't seen a movie that's scary since I was a child and the progression do goes by pretty rapid, but if it would be a more realistic movie this one should have been split up to a trilogy so let´s just let the imagination do the work between the lines.

Ok, yes I really liked this movie, I have to admit that and that I'm very fond of many of the themes regarding this movie so I'm a bit partial here, and yes I'm as usual very aware of the flaws both of and in this movie so it's not a 100 pointer but for what it's, I enjoyed it and I will without a doubt see it again and again.

In the beginning there is a couple of surgical tools in the work, incisions and sutures being applied to a turkey, and that was a nice beginning, I like surgical tools and turkey (usually not combined) so I can't complain so far. From now the plot unfolds and we follow Mary who's a bright medical student, she do have a financial problem and tries to fix it with any means possible even trying to get a job as a stripper, that didn't work out as she thought but coincidentally an incident occured at the club and her medical skills are needed.

Thereafter she is contacted by a mysterious  woman who have heard of her skills and wishes to hire her for a litlle more unorthodox surgery job, Mary hesitates but the money wins her over. after a while she becomes the leading queen of extreme modifications and the rumour travels quickly and as a personal tragedy unfolds it makes her thrive to a darker place that gives her the possibilities to evolve as a surgeon and a little bit of a torturer and from there things will descend even deeper into a darker state.

I wouldn't really label American Mary as a torture porn, technically I wouldn't label anything that people call torture porn for torture porn but people are way too easily offended in these days, I don't think I would label it a horror movie either, it's more of a dark thriller/drama.

When it comes to gore it's nothing exaggerated, overly graphic or shocking, it's mostly surgical incisions, a couple of limbs and so on and one suspension scene with a tortured bloke that truely deserved it so no compassion is given there anyway. In my opinion Katherine Isabelle charmed her way in as Mary and managed to portrait the different moodsets and swings from gentle and welcoming to Proffessional, calculating, cold and a bit homicidal, Mary Mason quickly climbed up the ranks as one of my favourite female characters in movies.

The Soska Sisters even appears with corsetpiercings and a weird idea for an operation they wish to go through. Like I said there are many flaws and wrongs but I could sit by them with a minor complaint, but the thing I really objected and protested against was the ending, although a natural choice but still.


Produced by: John A. Curtis, Evan Tylor
Cinematography by: Brian Pearson
Editing by: Bruce MacKinnon
Special Effects by: Geoff Anderson, Luiza Cipolotti Gurgel, Tom Raycove.
Music by: Peter Allen, Alex Cheung, John Littlejohn.
Country: Canada
Language: English | Hungarian | German. 
Color: Color

Distributor: Njuta Films Entertainment