Written by Greigh Johanson

Some short films focuses exclusively on a deep story with a good message, while other films shows just ridiculous performed functions with a content that only focuses and creates irritation. However Zitlover is a short film that is hyper-ridiculous, makes the audience VERY confused and creates a feeling of disgust AND DELIGHT.

Zitlover is a short film from 2000, directed by Cyrus Helf. It was released via the short film-collection "Best of Troma Dance Festival Vol.1" and "Indie DVD Fusion ONE" and ranks first place among the most disgusting short films I've ever seen.

We got to meet "Zitlover" played by Johann Helf. His character's name says everything. He is an unemployed loafer who likes to collect zits and squeeze them. And to get zits, he must eat junk food, and because of he's unemployed he has to rob grocery-stores and steal food. But one day he steals from wrong store and when the retailer is getting crazy, he dress up in a rambo-uniform with machetes to kill Zitlover. But something goes very wrong alonge the way...

This is an unusual and very funny, disgusting and wonderful short film. It contains very few dialogues and is mostly focused on a concise document containing a repulsive movement. The films gore-factor is maximal and shows much of vomit as well as squeezed zits, blood and gore.

It's a very ridiculous film even if it's not Lloyd Kaufman and Troma themselves who have made it. Zitlover's special effects are not much to cheer about, but it's so hilarious in the fact when they publish some stop-motion in one moment - That scene comes as a hallucinogenic effect when Zitlover sniff a tube of glue which he has stolen.

The film features many events in a time of eleven minutes, but something I missed was pee and poo. I really love that kind of humor. Even if I'm 28 years old I'll never grow out of that age. Well, there's nothing more to say about Zitlover. It's short, disgusting and  very entertaining and you really need to see it by your own to understand what I'm talking about.