Artist: Woods of Inifinity
Album: Förlåt

Year: 2011
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 1h 7 min
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

In this review I'll use some necessary translations, just so our international readers understands the title tracks as they are written in Swedish. Either way, Woods of Infinity was a controversial and satirical band that too many listeners associated as a seriously band. They flirted quite a bit with Nazism, Sexism, Satanism, Nature worship and Pedophilia, and in my opinion I think the band never took itself that seriously. It was always a sarcastic face in the picture, trust me.

Woods of Infinity was founded in Umeå in 1999 and has always followed us enthusiasts as an extremely small underground-project. There are not many people who know who is hiding behind the makeup and it's good, otherwise the whole mysticism disappears a little I think. During their thirteen years of career they invited both highs and lows, but mostly good stuff.

Förlåt (Forgive) is their farewell-album, which for them is a way to say goodbye - in a inexcusable manner. You can't overlook that these guys have developed a distinctive genre of black metal music the past thirteen years. They have developed their own atmosphere with possibly a bizarre and obscure style, but in this kind of "farewell-ceremony", the main characters 'Ravenlord' and 'Melkor' taking themselves too seriously - this can also be one of the reasons why they ended up - they couldn't go any further than they already had done.

This is a special album that tries to experiment with their old material while they in same time add some new points. As usual, this is a standalone genre where action for boundaries and conventions lacks existence. The humor is always present from the oblique variety, and as usual they treat on difficult and politically incorrect topics such as Pedophilia and Nazism. The two protagonists also distorts their musical ability pretty much and exaggerate their actions by singing harmoniously with some melodic and symphonic arrangements.

The intro which funnily is called "För-låt" (Which means "Intro" but spells like "For-Give" - Yeah, I hope you get the point) is very bombastic and sublime and works equally well as a soundtrack for an independent-movie or something. During most of the 90th century there were some Black Metal bands who experimented with the Medieval theme - which at the time sounded pretty bizarre and whimsical - that part of inspiration Woods of Infinity have managed to retrieve on their final album.

Two of their most controversial songs is "Förbjuden Frukt" (Forbidden Fruit) and "Slicka Fitta" (Pussy Licking). They comes as a punch in the face and will tease you all in a dirty and filthy manner. So what would their lyrics says? Yeah, everything is so obvious and it speaks for itself. Previously on their earlier albums the pedophile theme where recorded on an underlying and almost innocent way. But here they go straight to the point to upset as many people as possible.

Woods of Infinity has at least one cover-song each album, also in this arrangement. On this record, they have among others opted to cover the song "Walking In The Air" by Howard Blake who wrote the set play for the animated children's film "The Snowman". Woods of Infinity still retain the original melody, but has set its own priorities pure vocally. It should also be noted that there is a satirical cliche behind the whole song that you already can figure out by now.

"Gånglåt Från Valhallavägen" (Marching tone from Valhalla road) is as well one of the songs they have chosen to make their own version of - This is a cover of the Swedish artist Gösta Linderholm. The song is still very popular despite its different set, and it had to been fun to hear what Gösta himself would have to say about the idea around this cover.

Another special song that definitely needs some attention is the 26 minute long track "Våt Ängsmark" (Wet Grassland). Our guys decided to make a sound collage with a hundred different songs with the word "Flicka" (Girl). This word symbolizes a pedophiles atmosphere where "Girl" in the largest sense means as a "Child or a Youth" - In the collage we will hear among others famous Swedish artist as Bengt Sändh, Onkel Kånkel, Cornelis Vreeswijk and Tom Zacharias and many others. These artists were early Swedish dirty song-composers and singers.

I could go into the deep details of this work of art, not to forget to mention the song "Underbart" which underestimate city dwellers and their ignorance about the forest, animals and nature. They want people to enjoy the freedom and throw away all the technology for a while. Look where you are in life and maybe realize that everything is just gray and black. They want to throw you down into the abyss and see you suffer because of the ignorance.

This music is certainly a mystery to untrained ears, a very difficult and worrying album. Woods of Infinity combine the sound of a rather thin treble that is enhanced with all kinds of black metal. The main difference is that this is their most symphonic and melodic album ever made. The use of symphonic effects on claviatures are anything but bombastic (but fairly well structured and majestic). Sometimes it reminds me about the almost forgotten Norwegian Sogna band Windir.

Förlåt is nonetheless a terrific work and it's difficult to determine which of all Woods of Infinity's albums that can measure up higher. But Förlåt trumps my previous favorite EP "Hopplös Väntan" (Hopeless Waiting).


Band members:
Melkor - Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
Ravenlord - Vocals, Samples
Bruthor - Bass, Drums, Synths

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Country: Sweden

Myspace: http://myspace.com/woodsofinfinitybm