Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

My focus have been lingering in the exotic world of the colourfull and mysterious Eastern Asia for a while now and I will return in short but now it´s time to turn around and greet the passionate life of Spain instead. Now Witching & Bitching is definetely not a small movie, it has a big budget, actors well known inside and a few outside of Spain and it´s written and directed by their national cult director Álex de la Iglesia.

I´m very embarassed to admit that I have missed alot of films that this man has made and directed, the latest movie I came across was The Last Circus which brought me much amusement, but I have very litle knowledge about the works prior to Circus, I have seen The Oxford Murders and ofcourse Accion Mutante even though he only directed that movie I figured that it had to be named. Seeing that Álex is not a Supercelebrity like Guillermo Del Toro in the West or here in the North plus that he is a trendhater which is always something I appreciate, I figured that this movie should get a pass to an entrance into the blogg, and after I saw this movie, it have to pass!

When the movie starts off we witness a robbery and it´s done in a way no one has ever seen before, a hint, it involves a silverpainted Jesus, Spongebob Squarepants, The Invisible Man and a 10 year old boy amongst others. When things get out of hands and the fire heats up a handful of the robbers hijacks a cab with the goods and let´s the 10 year old Sergio who is the son of silverJesus choose a destination, so they head straight from Spain to Disneyland with the meter ticking.

After a short stop in at a weird inn they get themselves into an accident on the way almost costing a lady the life but after a weird coincidence they find themselves in a big, dusty, spiderwebinfested mansion with a family consisting of females ranging from three generations, the grandmother, mother and her enticing daughter. The men thinks that everything is safe for now but little did they know that the women are a part of a coven that practices old school witchcraft and they have just found the main ingredients for their buffé, and that is not all the trouble they got themselves into, the police and Sergios mother is picking up on them and she is not happy!

Spain have distributed alot of great movies throughout the years and I recognized a couple of the actors from movies like Dagon, Rec, Blade II and Pacific Rim to name a few and this one have already won some international prizes in festivals (not Hollywood related) and will probably have a bigger name in the world of movies soon. Wiching & Bitching is by far the funniest thing I have seen in a long time, actually it´s genuinly funny in every way and there is a whole adventure that this movie has to offer, there is not one boring lasting minute that you will have to endure, mostly because of all the crazy incidents on the way and every character have something whitty to say almost nonstop. So a lot of humour goes into the kettle then throw in a couple of twists, some tributes to horrorclassics, a little bit of torture and a lubricated broom into the steaming stew and you have a great concoct that will keep you more focused than a sixpack of Monster Energy Drinks.

What some people might not like is that this movie has the same feeling as Doghouse, a movie that I love to watch repeatedly after a breakup so some people can have the impression that it put down women and portrait them as crazy whereas other including me will point out those behaviour in a nostalgic horror that you managed to live through, now the finger is not only pointing to one gender, the men are also making generally dumb choices all over and everything is set up in a nonserious way so there is no need to get stingy because face it, majority of women are crazy and the majority of men are numbskulls that easily can be leashed and well the great majority of the humanrace is more than stupid anyway so take this as a movie instead of a message.

The big difference in Witching and Doghouse is that here the women are strong and have a voice, yes they were strong in Doghouse too but they were mindless, murdering  zombielike creatures with physical strength, here we have both intellectual and physical strength and everything get´s even to the end. The funniest thing is that the guys did most of the bitching while the women where off and doing their witching.

I would actually recommend this movie to anyone, in fact i have already done that, from the dumbest, the gorehungriest, the laziest, the trendiest, the most superficial moviewatcher to the feminists in my circle of acquaintance, i hope that they will come up with some interesting remarks after they have watched it.