Artist: Wigrid | Sunshine and Lollipops
Album: Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)

Year: 2014
Genrer: Black Metal, Crust Punk, Dark Ambient, Depressive Metal, Thrash Metal
Run time: 34 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Well, this was not on my to do list of things to review but as Sunshine and Lollipops cover  of Lesley Gores Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows was such a disgustingly horrendous abomination to music in general to the point that it's greatness personified, I felt that I had to share the song on my Facebook page so others may enjoy it as well and Greigh found the cover as adorable as I did and said "that is the kind of material that we should review", in 0,5 seconds I agreed and now I'm frequently listening to their latest album, which is a split with the one man band Wigrid

This split release have the title Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit) and thats a really muddy title and a funny wordplay, my German is covered in rust and more or less consists of phrases that upsets people and curses so I have no idea what it says in the parenthesis, but the Indifference part? well I can surely remark on the difference because  here we have two bands that share the same album but far from the same sound in music, lyrics, image or bandname for that matter.

Wigrid starts of this collaboration with two songs, Wigrids sound belongs to the slower depressive part of black metal and if we go back to the releases prior to this we find titles like Ort Der Einsamkeit, Das Sterben Eines Traumes, Treibend im Menschenstrom and such, so it´s not the most uplifting lyrics that you can find out there but if you don´t know a single word of German it doesn´t matter, but the music wont allow you to daydream about fluffy pink trees, teletubbies, appletinis and babyblue bunnies anyway.

When it comes to the depressive scene of black metal, it's not many bands that I choose to listen to, most of the scene tend to bore me and I have a severe allergy for sorrowfilled, suicidal lyrics and whiny howlings, then there are those extremely few that can set a tone and drive your mindset into a serene melancholy-like state without any suicidal tendencies that is to say, Wigrids sole member Ulfhednir manages to do this with his compositions. I have enjoyed his earlier releases Hoffnungstod and Die Asche Eine Lebens many times when my brain calls for that sort of mental balm that his music delivers.

Die Asche Eine Lebens was the latest effort he released and that was in 2005 so the anticipation is huge to say the least, the first song that begins this album is Desoziierend, being a instrumental track it's maybe not what i expected but it still sets the mood with it's ambience, the second song Trostdistanz is shortly over ten minutes and shows Wigrid at it's best and to be frank it's the best he have done to date.

The song grabs you from the calm in the beginning before everything sets off in an emotional storm, the sound that Wigrid has some similarities to Sterbend and also, I really hate to name big bands but, Burzum especially during Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem, the production definetely have the same qualities as Filosofem, the big thing that changes it from being a copy is the razorsharp sound of the leadguitar that diverts everything to something of a new take on the genre be it classical, spanish influenced tremolo, black metal riffs or the stonerangst driven black metal breakdown that blows in after some moodsetting picks, there are alot of variations and every single one of them ties it self together tighter than a slipknot.

I hope that Ulfhednir haven't withdrawn himself completely from the scene because after this, I want to hear more, this song blew the old material away into nothingness but please don't tell me that that's the new official logo, I liked the old one.

And now to something completely different. The Berliners who had the great taste to name their band with a lovely name like Sunshine and Lollipops have been around for two years and haven´t exactly been the most active band since they started, ,seeing that they only released a 2 track EP named Hearful of Sunshine before this split and those two songs are even on this record.

musically it´s a fast mixture of old school black metal, second wave scandinavian black metal, punk, crust and trash and it´s surprisingly wellhandled and very melodic at times, we even have a aucustic instrumental song on here and sure it´s not in the same division of John Zwetsloot but still. Sunshine and Lollipops surprised a bit, i thought I was going to get something extremely raw and filthy clone of Sarcofago, Celtic Frost, Para bellum and so on and sure the influences are coherrent  but what I ended up with is alot better than something well done, made and copied through centuries. There is no point to start namedropping, the list would be enormous and range from all the black metal bands from 84 to 95 and then the trash, crust and punk bands, even the vocals are a hybrid black metal and punk, being hysterical, howling shrieks and screams but still shouted in a very articulate way.

One thing that surprised me even more are the lyrics, I thought it would be some humorous, random alcoholic infused rebellion punk travesty that would bring some laughter but they are almost dead serious and surprisingly wellwritten, if we take an excerpt from the song (You´re Addicted) And Why Not? "Working backwards from dead line (de)termination, Negating reason, or reason through negativity? Working towards flatline abomination" that is a bit chocking for someone expecting a written work in the veins of Bestial Mockery for example.

Sunshine and Lollipops surprised me alot, mainly in a positive way as I thought that it would deliver something completely braindead yet entertaining but they got the entertaining part correct because this is alot better than expected!

This split album is a great contribution to the underground metalscene and should not be treated with indifference and the fact that the bands are so unlike each other makes this experience much more enjoyable although some might have a problem with changing from one musical personality to another in the middle of things.


Band members:
Ulfhednir - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Sampling, Lyrics

Sunshine and Lollipops
Veenus Christ - Drums, Cowbell
Alex Ithymia - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Lyrics

Label: Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions
Country: Germany

Bandcamp: https://sunshineandlollipops.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartfulofsunshine/?