Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt 

I was a bit reluctant to review this movie, it just felt all too "safe" especially after picking up The Butcher and Snuff Bunnies but on the other hand it was sort off entertaining, like when you where a kid and watched movies like The Gate, Monster in the Closet, Goosebumps and got all tingly in the stomach but never got a real chocking experience, It´s the same sort of nostalgia feeling you get when you´re watching Under the Bed, It takes you for a ride that ends up being a merry go round instead of a rollercoaster, but maybe that is what the filmmakers wanted to do, I mean it is a movie about a creature under the bed, the big mistake was probably that it got displayed like something a little more edgier.

The protagonists of this movie are two brothers, the older of them Neal have just returned home again. Being sent away after a fire in their house that he got blamed for and their mothers death,  he is still afflicted with the memories of loss and the torments of the past to the point that he sometimes sometimes falls into a catatonic state. Meeting up with his younger brother Paulie makes things alot easier but that´s until they both learn that there is something malicious under the bed that want´s to hurt them. Things does not get better as their father who have no idea about what is happening but still decides to be in the way and give the boys as much trouble as possible until they act exactly as he wants to.

What I actually like about this movie is the 80s kind of campy feeling in it, it´s bright and cheery even though it sometimes takes itself deadly serious, it´s even made like the 80s movies, no cgi, simple smokemachine effects and rubbersuits which made the nostalgia feeling grow bigger.

On the negative side the plot is ripped with holes and the ambivalence with the childish nostalgia and the more adult themes that just involves alot of swearing, little bit of gore and smoking kind of splits the movie apart, if it wasn´t for those inputs the movie could pass off as a R.L Stine inspired film because it would take a lot more work to make it adapted to a grown up audience., as for now it got stuck somewhere in the middle.

The actors carries the role of their characters very well, from the plagued Neil to the younger brother Paulie that does what the most sidekicks in movies do and takes over the show most of the time, the scene in cafeteria is golden!

Musetta Vander who the most of us guys knows from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation does a great job as their stepmother but then we get to the father, i actually blame the screenwriters for this mess, Peter Holden executes his role well but maybe should have questioned it a bit, they should have toned it down a bit, take the most frustrated father ever that haven´t achieved anything with his life so he takes it out on his kids, now multiply that by 50 and you are close to what we have here. His outrageous crazy behaviour and his wish of everyone else to behave normal is almost laughable but ends up with being as torn apart like the movie itself.

In the end I don´t know what to think, I enjoyed it but it feels like you have to change the state of mind in the middle of it but the nostalgiatrip was really a nice safe ride with small bumps on the way that even leaves us without any answers to the questions that comes up while watching this movie.