TRAIN (2008)

Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

The word that reached my ears about this movie was that it was voted as the most disturbing film on a couple of sites and yet I have never heard about it until now, so being very fond of disturbing things I had to check it out.

I'm not sure how true the "most disturbing" part is but alot of people thought that it was nasty and some scenes got too much and upset their stomach, they also named movies like Hostel and Saw and that planted a big reason of doubt in my head.

The moviemakers does not let us wait for the blood to be spilled, the first thing that we see is a person on a slab getting flayed and then it skips to our cheery potential future victims.
Our main group consists of an American wrestlingteam ending a contest in Russia.
The night before their departure a couple of them goes to a sleazy party and manages to mess everything thing up, not only for them but also for the trainer that missed the train  to Odessa because of their delay, and to their further frustration the lady in the ticketbooth doesnt´speak a word english so any help to get on an other train seems hopeless. Fortunately for them they get help from an englishspeaking Russian woman who knows exactly the right train to take, unfortunately for them there is a group of people dealing with organtransplants operating on the very same train.

You don´t really get to know the characters at all and the little that is given away is completely out of interest but it seems like they wanted to build everything on torture and attempts to disturb the viewer because everything is going in a pretty fast pace here but still, the scenes are far from disturbing or extreme and it feels all to plastic and filmish (that word really exists!) to make a real impact, the specialeffects were fine but the most scenes  just felt so thrown in and forced in a stupid way, like they were trying real hard to come up with ways to have a certain way or object to torture or kill people but forgot to think about the movie as a whole.

Like the most attempts to chockers out there, this movie is pretty dumb, actually it´s very dumb, just the set up, organ transplant on a train, that´s not exactly the safest, most sterile spot to remove organs and the way they do it, well they would be fired pretty fast if it was up to me because the organs are a complete useless waste after the so called operation.

I suppose you have to take it for what it is, a movie with loads of flaws and no it wasn´t to any point disturbing or anything near it, a funny little bloody flick that tries to take itself all too seriously and makes a parody on itself in times.

So before watching this, disconnect your brain and don´t have any bigger expectations.