Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

People tried to warn me, many times, in many different ways, so I considered myself warned but still that story sounded so amazing so it can´t be that bad I thought, I have seen the most crappy shot on video with a shoestring to no budget at all movies so I´m pretty sure that I will manage to watch through this one to, and by getting warned so many times with all sort of methods maybe I won´t dislike it as much as the most people seem to do.

When the credit rolls the anguish of an impending bad movie starts to whirl up and 5 minutes into this, it´s pretty much a fact, this is a bad movie! the worst? no, but I wish that I had listened to the few that sat through this one before me.

Let´s start with the story and how it seems to look good before we come to the bad parts and there are so many of those, but I´m pretty sure that  the story it self will make alot of peoples interest salivating for a while. A badly burned boy is locked up in a big cage, the boy possess dark, supernatural powers and have to be exorcised by a priest, the boy somehow escapes, takes over the mind of a group of children and together they go on a killing spree.

Doesn´t that sound like a jolly little bloodfest? especially if you read the long, mindtreat to synopsis on IMDB that promises alot but comes up emptyhanded, and many things in that text is such an embellishing description that it´s almost ridiculous, some of the things didn´t even happen in the movie, but I have to admit that  Chamber Productions did a great job with the advertising tricks for this movie, well done! if only the movie could have lived up to those words.

As usual things are never as it sounds or should I say how you percieve things, the main problem in a massive row of problems is that it tried to take itself serious and fails at every attempt of doing so, from directions, fx, acting, dialogues and pretty much everything, I seriously had to take two, not just one but two breaks from this movie so that my brain could catch air.

This is certainly not The Brood, nor is it Perkins 14 and despite the good camerawork and production, this doesn´t even reach the level of Beware, Children At Play! and Beware, Children At Play! is not good by any means, but it doesn´t take itself serious and is sometimes pretty entertaining in it´s crappy glory.

From the beginning of Torture Chamber you can quickly notice the lack of devotion the whole movie suffers from, from acting to the stage settings, special effects and how the hell the characters act, it´s forced, unnatural and just plain dumbed down weird, in some scenes I just assume that they had no lines at all because the script were just about 20 pages written with bold letters, so they tried to work with everything and coughed up some random things just so it wouldn´t end up being a silent movie, even though that but be a great improvement, that and the stiff acting follows through the whole movie and eventually it starts to dig deeper and deeper into your core of massive nuissance and eventually releases it with a brunt.

Even the deathscenes couldn´t be done in a "natural" way, no they had to simplify the most and attack the actors with the ultimate evilness of the fogmachine and that happens alot, sometimes they turned around in 180 degrees and complicated things in an unnecessary way that it just turned out to be ridiculous and for the most parts it´s just the victim drooling fakeblood on themselves while someone clumsily pretends to be fiddling
with a torture device, and it´s not even a torture worth mentioning, I don´t  even now why this movie is named Torture Chamber in the first place, even if it was some cartoony attempts to torture  there is no point make a big fuzz over it, the correct title would be something like Evil kid with dough on his face and newfound friends with a stove and loads of steam vs a fewnumbered dumb, clumsy adults with the superpower of incoherrent babbling. But the scene with the papier maché stone was so amazing that it made me laugh! And by the way, the murderous children, they grew up really fast.

I am not going to recommend anyone to watch this and i´m not going to write some overused cliché like avoid it like the plague, mostly because it should be spread worldwide but I will say this, if you visit the IMDB site then check out the synopsis and see if you don´t get a little bit interested but if you really want to watch it after that, well by now you know that I have been warned so use your brain in a more efficient way than I did!