Written by Greigh Johanson
I will bring you all a late filmlist of the past year of 2014. And honestly, I haven't seen much new films in 2014. I'm afraid I've missed much of great titles, but there are actually some flicks I'm pleased to have behold. It wasn't that hard to bring light in my absolut favorite titles, so this list takes up twenty films I liked during 2014.

The list is noticed in an undefined order, because I find it hard to rate every single film from a 20 to 1 standard. Some films is better than others, and vice versa, so just read about them and give them a watch!

1. Pieces of Talent:
One of the most interesting slasher-films in modern times, directed by Joe Stauffer. David Long is also one of the most original characters I've ever seen in the slasher genre. I absolutely love this movie and I'm so looking forward to its upcoming sequel this year.

2. Her Name Was Torment:
2014 is probably the year in which the controversial necrophiliac theme has seen a forward push. Her Name Was Torment is an odd experiment by director Dustin Mills which feels very outstanding from his previous films. It brings us a very artsy and talent twist in an oddfull way.

3. WORM:
A feature debut written and directed by Doug Mallette , based on the shortfilm from 2011 with the same name. A romantic and surreal sci/fi fantasy that has been stucked in my head for a while. Highly recommended.

4. Collar:
The man behind Gutterballs and Hangers clearly shows where the cabinet stands. If you've seen Ryan Nicholson's previous films, Collar doesn't feel particularly fresh and new, but the concept is to form a good and violent gradation in a typical Nicholson-spirit. And that's exactelly what it is.

5. Borgman:
Alex van Warmerdam's darkest and most disturbing film to date is also his best, perfectly balancing black humour and psychological terror. I'm still not quite sure what the film is trying to say, what it is about, it does seem like it is saying something, but in a way that is only logical within the film itself. If that makes any sense. It's a dark film about some people taking over some other people without getting to know why.

6. Starry Eyes:
Director Kevin Kolsch has given us interesting titles over a decade, and this years movie is just as interesting and well-acted film that offers nightmare simulate scenarios that produces some emotional vibrations throughout the whole body. If you're a fan of David Lynch and David Cronenberg you will absolutely love it.

7. The Found:
This is not a new film, but it got its first official film-release this year and is significant in this list among the twenty best indie films (ever released.) I have a feeling that the sequel will hit something huge this year. I really hope so.

8. Judy:
Necrostorms latest film directed by Emanuele Del Santi that turns their typical extreme-film concept to a different, conceptional and dramaturgical thriller out of the ordinary splatterfilms. It's very hard to place it, but it fits very well on this list.

9. Lets Make a...Horror Movie:
A film about filmmaking behind " ...And Then I Helped" directed by Michael Todd Schneider. Possibly one of Michael's strangest film versions he's ever done. A mix between documentary and fiction. If you have seen his previous films you can clearly understand what kind of twist the film takes in the end.

10. La Petite Mort II:
Yeah, Marzel Walz sequel of the torture-porn in Maison de la petite mort. Meet Dominique, Monique and the nurses going crazy on their victims once again. Much bloodier and crazier than its prequel.

11. The Hornet's Sting and the Hell It's Caused:
As with Dustin Mills " Her Name Was Torment ", this one is more like an experimental film narrative from his previous films. It hasn't got an equally wide attention, but I think it is worthy a place on this list - A very different torture-movie!

12. Killers
Once again the directors behind Macabre (2009) gives us a gruesome violence-story. I would like to say it's a very good spirit for Indonesia Movie - A new genre of horror. Not all about sexy girls and cheap sensation. It's a fresh, unflinching psych-thriller/black comedy caper ripe with suspense and gruesome hilarity.

13. The Sacrament
Shawn Ewert's debut feature. It gives us a strong story about how religion in the wrong hands can lead to the worst types of evil. Sacrament shows just how people can do these sick and twisted things right under the nose of the world. Scary as hell.

14. My Name is 'A' by anonymous
Another flick who got its first release in 2014. The theatrical release was back in 2012, but it's so damn good that it recives a glimpt in this list as well. This arthouse-flick  is loosely based on an actual murder case, but it doesn't try to follow the the "facts" of the crime per Se, it includes a few points but the film isn't a direct interpretation of the crime itself, more of a slice of life look at the society that may have helped create the situation internally that led to the act. A film that will haunt you with its realism.

15. Why don't play in hell?
This is an under moderate and hilarious contemporary cyberpunk flick. Sion Sonos previous films "Suicide Club" and "Cold Fish" doesn't measure up to this crazy splatter party. Much better than older stuff like "Machine Girl" and "Tokyo Gore Police" for sure.

16. Pharaphilia:
A short film in the vein of Necrophile Passion directed by El Gore and Tom Heidenberg. In Pharaphilia they mixes the rotten necrophilia with an underlying poetry. A very interesting creation that will soon be getting a feature film in their archive.

17. Nymphomaniac:
How can you not celebrate Lars von Trier for be a controversial and innovative dogma director? Nymphomaniac is one of the years best- and possibly the years longest fullscreen version loaded with pornography and heartstopping violence. It's dirty, sexy and very naughty.

18. Buzzard
The last piece of Joel Potrykus and Joshua Burge film-trilogy. A black comedy and paranoia nightmare, the film follows angry mortgage temp Marty as he cooks up small scams against the hated corporate world he's stuck in. Albert Camus meets Freddy Krueger in BUZZARD, a hellish and hilarious riff on the struggles of the American working class. A must see!

19. Among the Living
Actually, this is a very weak film but I chose to include it in the lack of anything better and you have to be given the chance of believing in a film to enjoy it. Anyway, the film starts brutally and unexpectedly and the appearance of a Goonies/Stand By Me-style gang of boys promises fun and adventures mixed up with horror and torture. One of Alexandre Bustillos and Julien Maurys inferior films. It's not even original.

20. Big Bad Wolves
This one starts like a typical vigilante movie, but then it develops into something more. It's a whodunnit and a dark drama, all with some very funny, witty moments. I haven't seen Navot Papushado's debut film "Rabies" yet, but if that one measures up to this level of Big Bad Wolves, then I would definitely give it a chance.

So, this was my top twenty list from 2014 and I hope to invite all of you with many more tips and reviews this year of 2015. I hope you find something that falls your taste. But if you are a indie-fan like me, it's probably not hard to find your favorites. Thank you!


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