TOMBOYS (2009)

Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

Women have gained a strong ground in the horrormovie subgenre that involves torture and when it comes to the rape and revenge part of the scene it´s just more than right that we get to see alot of extreme pain being inflicted upon the perpetrators.

Nowadays it could be pretty hard to do something with these form of films because they have been made since the sixties and got shaped up pretty roughly in the seventies with I Spit On Your Grave and Thriller grounding the base to the stronghold, then things just ran along and moviemakers everywhere ripped off the script and slabbed in some more graphic scenes like They All Must DieI Spit on your Grave And Piss On Your CorpseTorched and Hora but to be fair, the eyescene and the actual sexscenes in the later version of Thriller pretty much brought home the trophy when it comes to the authentic graphic sense and we all know why. When the women tend to have the upper hand in these kind of movies my interest gets bigger, there are many giallo, slasher, gore and torture movies with a misogynistic tension so it´s fun when the tables gets turned around for a bit.

Tomboys is about a gathering of five women with Kat in the head of the group, Kat amongst the other is a rapevictim and with a serious lack of trust towards the system when it comes to handling rapists and the victims, therefore they decide to take justice in their own hands, now when they have the rapists in their hands in a secluded storage, the girls will have to face an other problem, how far are they really prepared to go?

I was pretty hyped up when I saw the beginning and thought that it was going to be a gory, long session but everything falls into a disastrous turn for the unexpected pretty quick but luckily and coincidentelly the girls knows exactly how to even out the score and then we get a reboot of everything that goes a little bit smoother this time.

Tomboys is not about the blood and guts, it sets out to deal more about the pain of the rapevictims and to learn the rapists that there is no such thing as justified rape and in a few cases as this means that to justify rape and objectify women can make karma a really angry bitch.

The set up of this movie is pretty charming and I´m well aware of that it´s maybe not the right word to use when it comes to these type of topics, but it´s filmed in a gritty, smudgy seventies style and the setting is just perfect.

Storywise well the the simple attempt to a twist in the beggining just felt a little bit dumbed down but it moves forwards. When the women collides into a verbal conflict between each other about how far they will go felt a bit unnecessery, mostly due to what they did in the beginning of the movie and how the present situation looked like and what would happen if they didn´t get through with their mission.

If you are just in it for the graphic rape and torturefest then I would definetely not recommend this one for you but it´s still not bad, not by any means except for the things that I complained about earlier, it has it´s own style and an own personality that makes the zenith of this movie differ big time compared to many others.