Written by Greigh Johanson

When director Shawn French contacted me, he also told me how the film came to life. Shawn and his wife Sue wrote the screenplay for The Wrong House three days after a completed burglaries in their house. The police had no opportunity to assist in the investigation and Shawn and his wife was really pissed. Therefore, they decided to take out their aggression on film rather than setting out with a hell for real. The couple plays vengeful homeowners who seek out the criminals and takes bloody revenge on the little bastards who robbed them.

Shawn and Sue began filming a few months after the burglary and recorded it in their own house to blur the boundaries and make everything as authentic and realistic as possible. It contains truly rendered scenes with 100% authentic violence. This is not a fake, everyone walked away from the recording absolutely shattered and Shawn himself broke three ribs on the last day of shooting.

An isolated house in the woods looks to be an easy target for a group of friends who are struggling in the wilderness. The thieves do break-in and takes several kilograms of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms that they find in the house. When the homeowners manage to track them, they soon learn a lesson that there are people they absolutely shouldn't mess with - this time they chose the wrong house.

The Wrong House doesn't feel particularly original, but it can't be measured up to something else. The only film I will think of is Adam Rehmeier's "The Bunny Game". The actors improvise themselves and can sometimes be compared with any documentary actors. They present themselves in first person and play their roles very well.

At first I thought the film would be more violent than it was. But if you look at the film's extras, they have cut off many violent scenes, such as a scene where they break the legs of one of the characters. The main original berries otherwise in very violent depictions that are hidden like a psychological effect in the style of Michael Haneke's "Funny Games" from 1997. All images of violence are not always in the picture, but the sound lets us spectators use our imagination for the ultimate wish of results.

If you have already chosen to see the movie, then watch the extras that I believe is one of the most important tools for this one. It contains so many secrets that you can't figure out in some other way. I highly recommend "The Wrong House" to those who like creeping thrillers with a level of psychological twister. This is along with Chris Witherspoon's "Rage", the absolute best movies of 2010. Nasty and dirty!