Written by Greigh Johanson

Richard Molander is a Swedish 35 year old man with artistic ambitions. His interest in art began at a very early age and he has drawn since he was a child. Comics is what draws on his creativity as the most and after a valiant combatants with his talent, it's here he has landed today.

Richard has been through different programs during his career and he always had the highest ratings in picture during elementary school. In the 90s he was targeted the high school, in there the arts program was the obvious choice. After that he went a year at a Cartoonist School. Apart from the variety of photoshop courses and color theory courses that came with power, he ended up pretty soon at a folk high school with art direction.

- One are admittedly born with talent, but that's not all. It's a tenet one must construct and work with to get better at. Talent helps and shows the way you shall go, the rest is hard work and a willingness to get better. And that's exactly what I've had, the desire and the need to express myself in different artistic ways.

Some of Richard's first and better attempts at an early age went into creating his own comics - this was already around 1986. There, he realized that it was really illustration and cartooning that he would be doing.

- I have an understanding of how it works with storytelling, layout and design. I was surprised one day when I went back and found old books which also had a lot of great ideas that still holds today and it's really not so far from what I'm doing right now, even though I was only 6-7 years old back then.

Richard is inspired by a lot of things and therefore he find it difficult to give a fair picture out of it all. But 70's horror series like Chock, which also the now more deceased cartoonist Frank Frazetta did cool covers for, was a great inspiration to Richards creation.

- It's the comics design with the logotype and everything that pulled me around the interest to create. These illustrations from Chock is still very beautiful to look at. I like Some EC Comics too, as well as Tales From The Crypt and Vault of Horror. Books such as "Cold Chills" with its cool cover made very big impression on me and I love them today and get the same feelings out to see just a part out of those covers - absolutely incredible beautifully performed and produced by talented artists. As well as various video covers of horror movies that were everywhere in video stores back in the 80s has inspired me a lot - also album covers from Heavy Metal-discs in the 80s - you know enough how cool they were, especially for a little kid. It was a wonderful world and time for me.

It's also the imagery of horror films that have inspired Richard and preferably out of the more quirky and surreal elements. One of his favorite directors is the Italian giallo-director Dario Argento. But he also likes movie monsters, and Stephen King.

- I do like Stephen King very much and I collect on his books. In my childhood, it was my mother who among other things was reading Stephen King and Cold Chills and I became obsessed with the cool artworks. I felt that I liked skulls, monsters and other oddities - it was simply my thing.

Even the Hulk and various Marvel comics was a great inspiration for Richard. Then the magazine Samuraj came with Lone Wolf and Cub and some other Japanese comics. Then he came in to Manga for the very first time.

- I have been inspired by Manga and Anime for a long time, since the early 80s and Leiji Matsumoto is a great inspiration. I'm totally in love with Ginga Tetsudo 999 (also known as Galaxy Express 999.) I firmly believe that it has made the biggest impact on me and this isn't even Horror - Even so, it contains everything and is very instructive - There is a very tragic and sad story - a so-called space-opera which I highly recommend.

It was also found out that Hayao Miyazaki's film "Nausicaä" was a very big inspiration for Richard, also his manga as it's based on. More artists Richard like is Shotaro Ishinomori, Katsuhiro Otomo, Buichi Terasawa, Go Nagai, Masamune Shirow and Kentaro Miura.

- I can not deny that series like Seint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Berzerk and Akira Toriyama, having inspired me. But there are so many other things that influenced me over the years, so this is just one part out of the cake.

Richard began to take his job seriously during the late teens to 90s. A time when he had grown stronger and become more confident and serious. He knew where fate took him and what he wanted to do.

- It has been difficult for me over the years, but I have slowly but surely working my way and I firmly believe that I can support myself on it in the future. Only I get time to continue to build up my arsenal and make more jobs (which is difficult when other interests take up my time to time.) But I struggle on. Obviously, this is a profession in its own way, but I can not put a stamp on it. Being an artist means pretty much when I deal with many different artistic things that illustration, comic creation, painter, sculptor, logo designer, designer and writer. I also do my own music though this I would not hired directly, without using it for my own part, or in other projects along with my brother Robert Molander on the part of creativebroters projects.

Richard has a viking series called Folki. He is still waiting to get it sold around the world. It is an adventure series out of larger dimensions and he hopes to get the first number by the end of the year. He is sitting and working on a storyboard for it when he has time.

- Many have been waiting for Folki and I know that many feel about the character, he gives a strong impression as you remember, very iconic. The series has certainly gone through many changes because I want it to be as good as possible and for that I must also feel that it is worth to work with and entertain me with in the meantime. We changed course as time passes and then also changing our interest, therefore, I have to redo some things to still get a replacement out to work with it.

He have also made movie posters that are not horror but more exploitations magnificent or "Grindhouse" as people like to say today. Last year he made the movie poster for a film called "All Hell Breaks Loose" directed by Jeremy Garner and one of the actors and producers is Danger Ehren from Jackass. Can you tell us how you are working when you create posters etc. for various films (possibly something else?)

- It becomes somewhat different approaches depending on what I should do, sometimes it can be quick and easy work which may only take a couple of weeks and other larger, more detailed and better looking, they take a little longer, a few months. I usually have a dialogue with the customer what they want and how they want it to look like, many times they leave the task and let me decide and come up with suggestions and even if they do not, I will get back with a skit through emails, they may recognize if it is the right direction or at the direction they want. They may say what should be changed and such. Then I start painting while I am in contact with the customer via e-mail and displays them progress through the images one by one, so that they shall see how it goes and that something is happening. When it comes to my own stuff I come up with new ideas all the time, every week and many times every day and I sketch them down or write them down and store them on high in a folder until I decide that I have enough to work with and I choose the ones I like best, this applies to everything from the series of projects to paintings of various kinds and even some short stories and things I write on. If I can not use a thing or idea right then, I'll use it for anything else in the future.

Richard has as many others; dreams and ambitions of making his own films. He has a script lying to a movie he calls "Death Takes Form" as he works with when he got time. He wished it went smoothly, but is still pleased with how far he had come in the project. This will become surreal horror with embedded metaphors and symbolism.

- I have design to various creatures and objects. The locations and the scenes are already devised and materials are collected. I'm starting to build the first creature to the movie this year and will use it to get more people in the whole thing and then I'll try to entice with a bit of artwork depicting my vision too. It is of course much left to work with, but I hope that one day I can complete it. I don't want to give away any of the story than I think it might destroy. But I think I have the ability to change some things in the Swedish horror filmworld. I think it's too many people in Sweden who are afraid to do something different and strange, but to succeed you have to dare to experiment, because some of the best horror movies are weird.

Together with his brother Robert, they made a short film to test their first camera, since they filmed a short series called "Stupid Finnish Vikings' down there in Stockholm, as they have not been published yet.

- We need to fix the music and cut on the intro. It is certainly not fresh anymore but it is important that it comes out. We have also made some other small things and now look forward to taking it a whole lot longer and do more stuff complete with real effects, and more work.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

- I have my own Snuff 'Em-comics where I give out my comics. First series becomes a series called "Gorelover" as many of my friends around the world waiting for. It's a crazy gore, horror, adventure, mystery series, and with some dark humor in it. There are also other projects I will give out during Snuff 'Em Comics, horror and much other oddities, I think many will like it. I already have a small fan group and I do not want to disappoint them.

(Richard exhibit his paintings at a Con-festival in Karlstad and talks a bit about his works.)

 Can we find you somewhere else on internet?

- Check out and like Snuff 'Em Comics on facebook and also check in Creativebrothers.se and like us on facebook... my page will however be down for a while on the Creative Brothers website because I'll rebuild it. I'm also working on a whole new design but it's going forward so people may keep track of the second to access the new one later. Then you can also check out Dead Good Films Like Productions on Facebook and Frenetic Films Productions. My brother Robert Molander's an actor and working with it and he also has other creative projects he's working on, and I have mine, so we thought we would gather everything under one roof, but now I do after all a bunch of stuff for myself anyway so as to give out my own series under my label Snuff Em Comics.

Thank you for taking the time and we wish you good luck with your future projects. We hope to see more from you, so keep us updated.

(As an extra, once a time Richard sat out a contest with our previous magazine Horrophobic