Written by Greigh Johanson

In a new generation of young filmmakers from Australia, director Steven Kastrissios made an extreme film which is unbalanced in its immature depiction of the worst depravity like it would resemble a creative drama. The director has a lot to learn - and here with, you are warned. Even the bloody existence of this attempt to a pornographic revenge-thriller, he has made a list of the most depraved things that simply joins the cinematic violent sequences.

Shortly after his daughter dies of a heroin overdose, Christian gets an anonymous package. The content is an amateur porn video where his drugged daughter plays the main role. Satisfied that she had been raped and murdered, Christian giving embarks on a revenge tour. Everyone involved must pay every drop of sperm that has settled between her daughter's legs. During the trip he reluctantly picks up Alice, a teenage girl who ran away from her home and it's not until the torture begins to escalate as she realizes what she has become embroiled in.

Some documents in this film is very graphic and much of the violence that the film takes note of includes a guy who gets his face smashed with a crowbar - We can thus see through the mangled faces and broken heads. The film also includes the introduction of a bicycle pump in a man's penis, removal of nipples with pliers, and an applied torch next to an open wound - all accented with heavy sound effects and, of course, gallons of blood in the aftermath of a violent fatal rape.

The review above here isn't revealing anything because the film contains so much violence that it's difficult to record everything. There are some twists in the film that may seem interesting and much of the spectacle was convincing - but for what? An advertising sign can put a lot more powerful creative energy and skilled technicians with lucrative budgets in the marketing of an ice cream product which may has a better message in comparison to The Horseman.

I didn't think this one was very exciting. Many twists and turns were new, but unfortunately more than half of the contents was repetitive and expressed feeds. It contains a lot of fights, but only to a single starting point - to show how macho the actors trying to be. The adrenaline is high and the testosterone squirts through every single vein, but eventually it just becomes too much. The film is very good looking to be a low-budget independent film, but when the fighting and the result of the torture takes over the entire document it just becomes boring.

I think you should give it a try, because it contains quite a lot of violent scenes and the dramatic revenge is more than just lovely. The historical perspective when Christian meets Alice is also outstanding. A film as needed experienced at least once.