Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

I´m truly more than sick and dead tired of vampiremovies where they pretend to high school kids allthough they have reached the tender age of 2-400, and even though they have lived for those ages, they never grew up, evolved any type of personality or a higher intellect and even worse, everyone seems to suffer from a retarded form of pedophilia gene because they always fall in love with the most boring 16 year old character that not even a living human can stand.

I´m not only referring to the Twilight movies by the way but luckily there are more vampire themed movies out there but the mere contribution of those is really pestering down these mythological creatures to the point that you never dared to mention the word vampires. Let´s see if the movie The Dead Matter can restore their name a little. I knew that there were going to be zombies in this movie too and if we go by the ancient folklore the vampires were more zombielike before Carmillas Masque and Bram Stokers Dracula sculpted everything into a romantic shape.

Immediately we get thrown into a zombie apocalypse and things are going clumsy and stiff so it will not be a graceful movie, shortly after some zombieviolence we get to meet the headvampire Vellich played by Andrew Divoff and the first thing anyone that takes on this movie will notice is that wig, by all the million and billions of wigs in the world they had to chose that one, after witnessing that, it felt like everything sunk to a Nickelodeon level and things did not become better after an embarassing fight in the woods with the elderly zombiehacker/vampire slayer McCallister and a guy that hid the mystical scarab that is used in the rituals to summon the dead.

A couple of years later a scientist goes on a fieldtrip with his friends in the woods, he finds the scarab underneath some twigs and gives it to his female friend who have brought them there to do a seance, by mistake they wake up a zombie who is under their command but by using the powers of the scarab they also gain the attention from Vellich and slowly after that it´s a vampire and zombieoutbreak all over the place.

The Dead Matter is not really a horror movie it´s more of a cheap schlock fest that´s not good and it´s not the worst thing i´ve put myself through but it will not leave a mark in time except for that wig. It´s not even actionpacked when it comes to the outbreaks, the events are isolated and I don´t mean Night of the Living Dead isolated, not even Re-Animator isolated, there are just a few violent incidents and far between them.

And I know that Andrew Divoff and Tom Savini could have made a better performance but I will give them a break this time, Andrew for the wig an Tom because his part was not that significant for this movie instead the Brittish presence of Jason Carter lifts up the movie and I would love to see him in a proper vampire movie as an experienced vampirehunter.

I am going to put this movie in the coffin where it belongs and just let it gather 6 feet of dust and in time I will forget about it, but that wig will haunt me forever, they had 2 million dollar in budget and I have no idea how they spended it and on what but i know that the wig was not a priority.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Directed by: Edward Douglas
Written by: Tony Demci, Edward Douglas
Produced by: Edward Douglas, Gary Jones, Robert Kurtzman
Cinematography by: Alex Esber
Editing by: Edward Douglas
Special Effects by: Kevin Carter, Brian Demski, David Greathouse,
Bryan Jones, Sean Rodgers, Alan Tuskes, Kenneth C. Wilson

Music by: Edward Douglas and Midnight Syndicate
Cast: Andrew Divoff, Jason Carter, Tom Savini, Sean Serino, Tom Nagel, CB Ferrari, Christopher Robichaud, Brian Van Camp, Donna Williams, Jim O'Rear, Meredith Moore, Alan Tuskes, Kenyatta Foster, Chuck Schodowski, Richard Dyszel, Christina Capadona
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 30min

Distributor: Midnight Syndicate Films.