Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

This is South koreas answer to the snuffthemed movies and there have been a massive horde of those kind of movies released from all kinds of places since a couple of years ago when some nitwhit wrongfully adopted the term "tortureporn" in the dumbest way you possibly could imagine, sure it´s a fun title but it´s been around for a long time and it was not a label that cute Hollywood attempts to extreme movies would call themselves, actually it wasn´t anything  you could rent either so enough about that, but the term tortureporn should still be revoked and used in a proper sense!

South Korea have done pretty good when it comes to movies, actually they have done more than good, sometimes it´s even to the point that they nitroboosted their way ahead of their neighbour countries. But this is not a big screen  movie although it made such an impact that it got banned from a few countries the means to make this movie were very small, The Butcher is an independent film with a budget about 50 000 dollars and was shot in about seven days and the influences for this movie was not Peeping tom, Snuff movie, Tesis, Hostel or anything alike, the ideas were born from 8 MM, Pulp Fiction, Motel Hell and first person shooter games, 8 MM is no bigger question why that one is listed, Pulp Fiction because of the torture/rape scene in the basement, Motel Hell well just look at the cover, but first person shooting games? now that´s when things are getting interesting!

A handfull of amateurfilmers resides in a desolated, run down old barn where they make snuffmovies to sell to Americans because they love bloody things, this time they got lucky as they managed to kidnap four people and that involves women for once. The victims lie bound, gagged and strapped with helmets that have cameras attached to them, that´s where the first person shooter games comes in, we get to see everything from the perspectives from both the filmmakers, torturers and the victims. Peeping Tom outdated The Butcher way before with the use of that sort of method but in a cleaner manner and we never got to see the victims side of it in that movie, and that´s not the only thing that separates this movie from the most, in The Butcher the biggest attention lies on the filmmakers, we hardly get to know the victims.

The start of the movie is just a setup to enjoy the dorky filmmakers handling things, getting kicked around and given orders by their director and gives us a view of their victims, this takes a little while and the torturescenes are offscreen so I started to believe that that´s all we get but about 35 minutes into the film it starts to concentrate on a pair of chosen victims and then things are getting bloody.

This is not a Japanese splatter or extreme gore movie, we get to see a bit of maiming, abusing  action and a whole lot of blood but in that sense that it feels more realistic and not exaggerated, actually with the budget, the simple terms and short notice of this movie Kim jin-Won really made something than just another gory movie, here we are not the viewer anymore, we get throw into the action and everything get´s more unsettling and out of control, many people will dislike the shaky discomfort, I found it to be the thing that made this movie place itself on my plus-side, if we would see it from a third person view it would have no effect at all and the movie would fall flat.

If this would be shown in 3D the experience would be really gruesome especially the rapescene, this is definetely a kind of movie that should have a premiere in 3D, nevermind Saw 3D that one was just wasted with those effects!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Directed by: Kim Jin-won
Written by: Kim Jin-won
Produced by: Choi Gong-jae
Cinematography by: Kim Jin-won
Editing by: Kim Jin-won
Special Effects by: Kim Jin-won
Music by: ?
Cast: You Dong-hun, Kim Sung-il
Year: 2007
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 15min

Distributor: Devil Groove Pictures