Directed by: Shin'ya Tsukamoto
Written by: Shin'ya Tsukamoto
Stars: Kei Fujiwara, Nobu Kanaoka, N. Senba... read more

Year: 1987
Genrer: Cyberpunk, Horror, SciFi, Short
Run time: 47 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Before Tetsuo the eminent and innovative writer, director and creator of all that is beyond and above the insanely weird Shin'ya Tsukamoto made one short film named "Futsu saizu no kaijin" and the fortyseven minutes long "Denchu Kozo no boken" aka The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy, both of them share a great bit of similarity with the later more famous Tetsuo, Futsu Saizu No Kaijin is about a man that is slowly transforming into a robot and Rod Boy? well The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy isn't that straight forward when it comes to the storyline, actually it´s more or less everywhere and flips out more than the later movies Shin'ya have done, and sometimes it isn't the greatest thing but it's still but this one isn't by any means bad, just a bit jumpy.

The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy is obviously a lowbudget movie and it's shot with a 8-mm camera so the production is bright, gritty, unclear and corny and it really doesn't help that it's visually flickering in a hasty pace, thrown together clips and effects that is sped up, hacked and mashed together to momentarily madness, it wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be but sometimes it felt a bit much.

And storywise it's one of the most flipped out things he have ever written, almost comic or manga like, it's about Hikari who has an electric rod growing out of his back and because of that he is the target for the bullies in school, one day while he get´s his daily dose of beatings a fearless girl named Momo comes to the rescue, Hikari is more than grateful and thanks her with a present in the form of a timemachine but when he tries to show her how it works he misshappenly transports himself twentyfive years into the future.

The future doesn´t look as bright as the past, a vampire-clan called Shinsengumi have taken over and started to terrorize, kill and experiment on humans. After a weird altercation with the Shinsengumi, Hikari meets up with what is Momo in the future, she quickly informs him about the situation and says that his destiny is to save the mankind with the power of his rod, I´m really not sure if it's an intentional move by Shin'ya or if it's just my childish mind coming to life but I could find a whole bunch of penisjokes in this movie.

As Hikari starts his not so impressevely executed training under the teachings of Momo the vampires are continuing their experment with a machine that will blacken the skies so that they can roam freely day and night, their machine is however in need of a grown virgin so they have placed a girl in the machine and patiently awaits her puberty.

Then we have more witty, nutcase moments in superspeed and a little battle and more weird Tetsuo like effects until an anticlimax of the ending battle succumbs. The effects and the oddness of this movie is what makes it alot like Tetsuo but it still differs in a big way, mostly storywise and that it's in colour and packed with goofy humour and dialogues.

The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy is something that everyone into Tetsuo should take a look at. And we have the whole movie in the screening room with english subs and yes the production isn't better than this, I have seen other versions of it, some without subs and it´s every single one of them are this gritty and blurry.


Produced by: ?
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by: ?
Special Effects by: ?
Music by: ?
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Color: Color

Distributor: Third Window Films