Written by Greigh Johanson

Some films are fundamentally based on good ideas, or even on several good ideas. They are trying to argue about current concepts and tells stories through a complex tale woven around the performance itself. Some films also weaves together a series of stereotypes and strict situations in a way that approaches a reasonably story, but somehow never quite reaches the climax. This is a good description of what Sweatshop stands for.

A bunch of smart and tough goth-punks occupies an abandoned warehouse to adjust this year's warehouse-rave. But thirsty and horny as they are, they soon become enough drunk to pay more attention to each other than to the group. In the sweaty fog of alcohol, drugs and pumping music, they aren't united that the first uninvited guest already has arrived - an inhuman, bloodthirsty beast with a hundred-pound heavy hammer.

We're thrown into a very open story that carries a tendency to never really explains the film's real plot to the viewers - a typical slasher. What exactly is the cause of the killer and his demonic helpers? The only thing we have to see is a bunch of annoying goth-punks who choose to throw in a rave party in an abandoned warehouse. Unfortunately the place is inhabited by a handful of demonic women and a giant beast with a big hammer that just want to kill everyone and everything that bothers them. That's really the whole film. Before the Goth-kids been horrifically murdered, they will dance in a creepy long time or handling some pathetic relationsships containing sexuality, nudity, drug use, and lots of bullshitting.

Even if the film is an obvious low-budget production, the special effects is surprisingly well done after all. It also has pretty good actors and good music, but it doesn't save the film's entirety. It flirts with the old school and it's a pretty neat slasher flick. What is lacking is a specific innovation and you will recognize many elements from previous films as Intruder, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Demons and The Hills Have Eyes. When the bodies start piling up, the film becomes a bit of a mixture of slasher conventions and torture-porn, and even if it never comes to anything significant until the last ten minutes, it still bids on a lot of memorable moments.

Some of the scenes gave me way too high expectations and I really hated all these characters with embarrassing dialogues. So if you are looking for characters in a slasher movies, then "Sweatshop" maybe isn't for you. Those are some of the most annoying characters in a modern slasher film since the insanely bad film "Hatchet".

So finally, I would say that all slasher-freaks will definitely find any pleasure in this film, as long as you manage to get past the first 30 minutes. What awaits you is a brutal violent slaughter containing one of the best from the worst. Heads will be crushed, jaws going to be torn apart, body parts is flying in all directions - It serves penis-gagballs and my absolute favorite scene in which the monster takes out a brush cutter and perform an amusing scene which is stolen straight from my favorite slaher movie of all time "The Burning" - The blood will spurt all over the screen.