Artist: Sviatibor
Album: Voitto Tai Valhalla

Year: 2014
Genrer: Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Folk Metal,
Run time: 57 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

This have to be one of the most active bands in the metalscene that ever got assembled, or in the history of the music industry in general. The French multi-instrumental progeny Thomas Hornstein gave birth to  his musical outlet Sviatibor in 2013 and during that year he released two singles, a five track EP and a cover of Burzums Illa Tiðandi.

Last year his creativite side seemed to peak up even further as he in some way managed to get out the material to release  one single, one EP (three out of for songs found their way to the upcoming full-length) one instrumental compilation and three full-length albums in one year and all that by the age of sixteen.

Black metal artists usually starts early and get´s a debut album out before the age of eighteen but to add this to ones discography in the beginning of the carreer is more than impressive!

Sviatibor is placed in the pagan/heathen district and the music is a mighty piece of work but has the same strong connection with the black metal scene as the concept and the emotion it bears has with the roots of past times and the rites of the ancestors, alot of the influence seems to be deriving from the Slavic history, without checking the facts first I thought that Sviatibor came from Russia or Ukraine.

Right from the first song Regret d´Un Ancien Temps that takes hold if you after the intro A Svarog  the spirit of the 90s makes it´s presence quite obvious, not that Sviatibor is a copy of the bands in their glorious prime but more in the sense of how he uses his instruments and programs the sound of them, La Foi Des Ancestres have the same ability to convey you to a timetravel in the deepest mysterious forests, mountains, chasms and landscapes that once laid restful and untouched by the modern man, the same type of feeling that was imminent in the old era of Emperor, Burzum, Kvist, Darkthrone and so on.

The musical aspect is for the most part in a mellow tempo, the blasts are few and far between even though it explodes in the first track but it´s nothing that destroys the album unless you are a speedfreak,  in fact in this case it makes it a lot more personal in the emotional aestethicism of the album.

The arrangement is mostly dominated by minimalistic tremolo picking and syntheizers that never takes over, it sweeps along well with the arrangements and sometimes you hardly even notice it except from the ambient interludes that is filled with samples of nature, small folk influences, fire crackling and often a whispering or spoken narration, the harsch vocal although is something that really stands out, they are powerful, not exactly what you can expect, mostly in this form of music in the black metal scene it´s weak croaking,  screechings or at worst attempts to make angsfilled cries but Thomas delivers a mighty growly vocal performance that almost makes Sviatibor rather unique.

So far La Fois Des Ancestres is the first album that I found by Sviatibor so I have yet to hear the earlier releases and it seems like Thomas is not slowing down for the year of 2015 either so i have alot of catching up to do.


Band members:
Thomas Hornstein - Everything

Label: Primal Relics Records
Country: France

Bandcamp: http://sviatibor.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sviatibor