Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

"Based on a true story." In 2009, a sadistic butcher and 'numb-nutted' Sheriff mysteriously vanished from a small southern backwoods town and it´s called Snuff Bunnies, the reason of doubt is there but the curiousity is even greater so I felt obliged to give this shortfilm 11.27 minutes of my decreasing lifetime.

Surfing the internet after any kind of information regarding Snuff Bunnies was hopeless so I just have to work with what I just watched. Writing a review for a shortfilm is always tough because you don´t want to give away too big spoilers no matter what you´re writing about, but in those 11 minutes they packed this movie with mostly depraved and perverted whitetrash people doing things that makes the rednecks in Deliverance look close to normal, include a demented guy with a balloon strolling around and repeating the same sentence, homicidal people in bunnysuits and a little bit of degrading torture and killing so there is a lot of things going on in that short amount of time.

When the story of the movie starts for real the first thing that meets the eye is a tobacco (or peanutbutter) gurgling redneck in a slaughterhouse that has got the catch of the day, a woman that sits bound, gagged and helpless, in the middle of all foul mouthed tobaccospitting she warns him about her bunnies that already have set out to save her and here is where Snuff Bunnies enters and the story starts. Shortly after Sheriff Dickhead sets out to solve the mystery of the butchers disappearance and we all know what happens, he vanishes as the description says and you will only know how by watching Snuff Bunnies.

Luckily it wasn´t just the title that brought the entertainment, the film itself is crudely fun to see and it have small hints to movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs and I don´t know if it was deliberate but I couldn´t stop thinking about Gummo. There is no bigger comparison with those movies, Snuff Bunnies doesn´t take itself serious at all and is made for people that loves microbudget, bloody films with loads of offensive humour and country music.

And I am just guessing here but I´m pretty sure that the puppet theater show was improvised on set when they came across the right "prop" by accident. In the future I really hope to see Snuff Bunnies expand and become an underground franchise.