Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

Nowadays anyone have the ability to photoshop and fix up a nice little cover for their releases, most of the time it works, the consumer takes a look and gets infatuated with the neatly done exterior, reads the description which more or less is a deep, well thought out text to embellish the story, buys it and spends the time in front of the tv in sheer agony of the lost money that could be exchanged for something that isn´t utter crap, this happens all too often and I am very experienced in that situation and not only when it comes to movies.

Why am I writing this? because Slices of Life have a cosy little cover and a description that sounds to good to be true, so from here on I will proceed with caution.

Slices of Life is an anthology split up in the ordinary way, three stories that get´s told by a fourth story and everything meets up in the end for what is supposed to be a big finale. After the pretty nice introduction the first thing that I notice is the fact that this movie hardly have a budget and if it had one, I have no clue where they put the money but being a fan of weird, crappy underground movie it´s never a big issue if they can make it with a genuine creativity and then comes the next bump that this movie hits, the acting is beyond awful and so is the makeup, those things have been ignored with a bit of preservereance in the past and some movies have been entertaining all without the lack of talent but still they had something extra that kept the interest going.

The main segment that will stitch everything together is named The Scetcher and it begins with a woman named Mira waking up on the grass with a case of amnesia, she gets help from the owner and her handyman, a big guy called Tiny stereotypical enough, and is told that she is an artist, paints and makes up stories, as she finds a book that she is supposed to have made with the title Work life the first story opens.


The second segment is about William or Worm as he is called, he is a lonely, sad type of guy that just wants someone to like him and in a pretty desperate way. One day he logs into a contact site at his workplace, after a couple of rejections he finds a contact that is more than willing to see his goods but gets rejected after he shown it.

When he remember that the company he worked for have invented a nano software that can change the way people thinks he decides to try it and make people like him, but there is a side effect and it´s surprisingly nasty.  In between the stories told in the book we come back to Mira and as the coming segment will take form, the title of the book changes, this time to Home Life.


Amber Alert focuses on a pregnant women who starts to see visions of a child that appears in her presence and later the visions gets worse and worse and it the situation doesn´t get any brighter as there is a serialkiller loose that targets children, but could those things have a connection?

The last one is presented with the booktitle Sex Life


It´s obviously not a relationship with a sexlife that goes wrong in a right way like in Cutting Moments, the only sexual acts in this segment is an incestuous rape and som weird fiddling moment that ends pretty bloody, very bloody, so the main title is a little bit off the charts.

A brother and a sister are on the run after an incident and come across a hurt, unconscious stranger, they give him a ride to the hospital and resides in his mansion but after a while they notice that he has a big secret and it´s locked up in the basement.

The connections to Elizabeth Bathory was probably one of the most unnecessary things in this one, it didn´t add anything nor did it do anything for the story. Instead of the movie ties everything up in the end as a twist it intertwines with the The Scetcher as the stories goes by and makes it flow even.

Now we have already established that it hardly have a budget, the camerawork and acting is not particularly good, the cgi, soundeffects (The whispering voices in The Scetcher became more of a blur) and gore effects are sub par all though the gore was very entertaining and some of the cgi effects were pretty decent so through the years I´ve seen so much worse than this, Slices of life was not a waste of time at all, it showed some real potential as things started to take form in W.O.R.M and if we put all the superficial things aside, it´s not bad, with a proper budget, a little more time in front of the script and better actors even the people that are not used to junkier cinema would appreciate this, sure I can spot all the influences they have taken from miles around and the most of the movie is a collage of other more wellknown and respected works but still it´s pretty good if you take it for what it is.