Artist: Slaughterbox
Album: The Ubiquity of Subjugation

Year: 2011
Genrer: Brutal Death Metal
Run time: 19 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

In the eighties Carcass proved that people that skips the meat on their plate can play the most brutal form of metal and even create a new genre, that is until the rock n roll spirit catches up with you but the more bands spawned formed that picked up the brutality in the music and only touched the subject of meat in their lyrics, some of those bands even topped the list of extremity like Cattle Decapitation, Nasum, Animals Killing People and now Slaughterbox is setting some kind of world record.

I found Slaughterbox when they released their debutalbum The Ubiquity of Subjugation in 2011 and they quickly got a reputation in the underground, mostly with the help of Youtube where jealous peope spended their not so precious time with accusing them for using a drum machine and this and that, why? because this is fast, sometimes to the point of being a travesty, but a great one nonethless. Personally I have stopped giving it that much thought, triggered drumset- yes, gravityblasts- yes, Henkerstyle quadruple pedals- I don't know and I doubt it but regardless even the most drummers with the same equipment can´t achieve that amount of insanity.

A bigger cred to the drummer Pete Chavez is that he is also the vocalist and he executes both duties live. The music overall is blazing fast, technical deathgrind similar to Braindrill and Entrails Eradicated, in all that razorsharp speedtripping there is a constant pattern that you still can get a hold of so it never gets completely out of hand even if they are attempting to break Mach 3 speed it´s still coherent.

In the middle of all technical masturbation and sweeping they even manage to create some catchy melodies and sometimes they even break the chaotic soundwall to treat the listener with harmonic intermissions and everything fits perfectly without creating a distraction in the music. The vocals have the same multiplied range as the music, there are no harmonies ofcourse but a wide variation from grunts, deep growls, screaming, highpitched screaming that sometimes ends with a glasshattering banshee shriek and pigsqueals.

When it comes to the lyrics there are no surprises, they are wellwritten and that is a big plus  to me who loves to read and be challenged, the topics are misanthropic and political, mainly misanthropic and regarding the selfish, idiotic state the humankind have been reduced to and the anguish of being a part of this race, like this sentence from the track Judas Kiss "Please tell me I am not of this flesh, just a bi-pedal mammalian homosapien unfit for the parasitic mundane inhabitable of the planet earth" I think you get the point now.

For a while ago I heard rumours about Slaughterbox taking a hiatus from all activities but it seems like they continued as a duo consisting of Pete Chavez on drums/vocals and Nick Liuzzi- guitars/bass, in 2013 they declared that they are working on new material and I can't wait to hear it!


Band members:
Hal Rotter - Guitars (additional), Bass
Matt Thompson - Guitars, Songwriting
Pete Chavez - Drums, Vocals

Label: Amputated Vein Records
Country: USA

Bandcamp: https://amputatedveinrecords.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/slaughterbox