Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

This have to be the perfect movie to watch when your health is failing, no matter how ill or sick you feel at least it´s not this bad, hopefully not this bad!

As the name of the movie suggests  this is not a neat, clean or pleasant movie, only a couple of seconds in we see a women being very distressed with her stomach in a vomit and diarrhoea covered bathroom, and I´m not kidding, it´s everywhere and yes we got to watch a little volcano action but still it felt a little bit exaggerated, the crap was everywhere and I'm pretty sure that she did not do backflips and other acrobatic movements while exploding so it felt a little bit Tromaesque over the top. Now I love Troma but this movie is nothing like their movies, it has a serious tone throughout which you might not expect at first considering the title and the story.

The population of a town gets infected from the water and slowly dies of severe stomach sickness.
Towns septic man Jack gets paid to investigate and fix the problem, he finds the source of the contamination pretty qick but manages to get stuck in the sewer tank and there is were things starts to get unplesant for him and sometimes the viewer.

As usual I´m not going to give away that much of the movie. When Jack finds himself trapped it seems like all hope is lost and in the rest of the movie we will witness his mental downfall caused by his surroundings and isolation as he desperately tries to seek for a way out wallowing through sewage, well that`s half of it as things starts to  get really ugly from here because the movie has just started.

In the building two not so mentally stable brothers decided to call it home and they don´t like strangers passing by and there seems to be alot of them in the area. From here on we see how Jacks psychic and physical state slowly deteriorates into madness and the severed bodyparts are starting to pile up. Now I know that many people thought it would be something more like Toxic Avenger and that´s not even close, luckily I had no expectations like that so I enjoyed this movie for what it is. It´s slowpaced, dark, tragic, filthy and I suppose some people will find it a bit disgusting or disturbing especially if you´re not used to this kind of things.

If you are like me and sometimes like to question logic in movies well then you are going to have a handful, even if it has a serious sense to it, it lacks alot of logic even to the point that i declared the story and some of the charecters completely stupid a couple of times. but if you can divert yourself from that it´s a pretty decent movie, another problem i had was that most of the dialogues are horrendous, I don´t know if they improvised everything on set but for the most part it feels like it, the only one that didn`t have any lines was Tim Burd who played Obi in Saw II but he delivers more than well as a madman! Then I still have questions about the ending, it ended like it´s going to be a sequel and with the way it ended it feels like the sequel could be a parody of this one.

Now if you feel like picking this up, don´t expect something extremely splattergushing and humorous, don´t use your brain in a logic way and make sure that you can withstand badly executed lines.