Written by Greigh Johanson

This film, written and directed by Kengo Kaji, shows us that morbidity is actually art, or rather; it shows us how to kill for art's sake. It is filled with imaginative details, cool special effects and it carrying some sort of capacity that possibly surprises its spectators. But is the film good because of the content of ultraviolence, or is it bad because of the lack of a consummate story?

A group of young school girls walking through the forest and are attacked and raped by a gang of thugs. Only one of the girls survives, but she is badly damaged. She is found by a scientist who takes her to his lab and gives her a new robot-body and lately a female monk gives way of her magical powers. They send her out to get revenge on her attackers , but soon it turns out that the scientist has an ulterior motive on his documents.

Samurai Princess is a very odd rape'n'revenge film and at first I really enjoyed the creativity behind the film. But it just feels like that todays Cyberpunk filmatizations only carry a desperate attempt to produce odd documents that you rarely find on the markets. I'm aware that it's a constant battle in the world of film to find out something that is sufficiently original. But Samurai Princess throwing in the most remarkable to precisely distinguish themselves in a new and creative way. 

Samurai Princess is possibly a hugely enjoyable experience for beginners in its genre, but to us who are a little more developed, this is nothing more than a shrug. Now you may wonder how I can give so much credit to a film like "Tokyo Gore Police" and not to this movie? Mainly it's because TGP has something to say and it have a greater significance in comparison with a film like Samurai Princess who just throw in a handful of gore sequences for fun. It tells a story that could serve as a sequel to the animated Ninja Scroll-series. It's just excessiv and boring. Sure, this film seems pay tribute to feminism, but just because a woman happens to represent the document and save the humanity doesn't mean it's a good movie. I simply think that it's too childish and repetitive. So by having said that, I mean we've seen the concept done too many times before. 

I recommend this film to you who maybe like childish entertainment violence without any particular underlying story. It feels like this film only focuses on showing as much violence as possible. The effects are as usual very plastic and contains much of CGI and offers some imaginative methods. But if you 're looking for a movie with a sensible plot, this is simply not the film for you.