This swedish 70's rock/doomband with a heavy touch of Stoner was formed in 2007 by former and active members of the Death- / Thrashbands Protector, Talion and Phidion: Fredrik Lundqvist, Alex Zaino, Magnus Karkea, Mathias Öjermark and Martin Missy.

Between autumn of 2009 and autumn of 2010 Obrero recorded a 12-track demo. In the summer of 2010 Alex Zaino left Obrero and was replaced by Calle Sjöström. In January 2011 the band signed a record deal with the underground label Night Tripper Records. Between the 29th of January and 12th of March 2011 Obrero recorded their first album "Mortui Vivos Docent". It was mixed by Anders Eriksson and releason on CD and LP in August 2011.

Night Tripper Records is proud to present the second offering of Stockholm:s Obrero. After the critically acclaimed first album, Obrero are exploring deeper into the realms of the obscure 70's rock/psych territory while still standing fast to their 80's metal roots of doom, heavy metal and stoner rock. And again they have the vocal delivery of Martin Missy as the cherry on top, a vocal delivery that has something weird and unique to it, like a magic mixture of Bobby Liebling. Lee Dorrian and John Garcia, turning from a full-throated howling animal to a ghastly, almost eerie master of ceremonies in seconds.

To put it simply if you want your music to be challenging, Obrero is your choice.