Written by Greigh Johanson

I've never understood Germans and their great joy for knights? There's always something historic about knights and medieval times in German splatter films - mainly in the form of Olaf Ittenbach, Andreas Schnaas and Marc Rohnstock. Do they never get tired of repeating the same old themes? demonstrably not!

Nikos doesn't bid on any quality at all, it's just as Andreas Schnaas earlier films like the series of Violent Shit. I don't know if it has to do with my film edition from "Crypt Keeper", but the picture is too grainy which leads to a lot of splatter scenes disappear in darkness. Sometimes I've to rubbing my eyes to not fall asleep. If there is a new-remastered edition with better sound, better lipsync and a clearer picture so please tell me.

All people in Romania feared Nikos - A bloodthirsty barbarian and cannibal - a killer of many. But a moonlit night, a few brave people walked with torches in their hands to send the evil monster to hell. But in his last words the crazy Nikos argued that not even death could stop him. Now, one hundred years later in Manhattan's famous "Bancroft Gallery" a spectacular Romanian art exhibition going on and all the beautiful people are there. But an ongoing robbery in the mall has inadvertently brought back the monster from the dead and as legend foretold; Nikos is hungry for blood once again!

After all, Nikos the Impaler is a low-budget film. But it feels far too long in duration and in the meantime I lose interest on the simple concept. It contains too much bullshit and meaningless dialogues. When I watching splatter films I want to see more speed, more fights, more gore. But even the special effects aren't very impressive to look at. It turns out that it contains one or more CGI-effects, which have been Andreas lazy emergency in recent times.

I don't think Nikos character is cool and especially not scary. Before embarking on a film, an actor at least should have learned to move in a knight's equipment - But not Nikos. Half of his bare belly is visible at certain angles, but who knows, perhaps our main character is a Homo KnightsTemplar during devil protection?

I can't express myself too negative about the film though. Nikos the Impaler is actually quite violent towards its end. But the path is hard to endure. If the performance of the humor had played out a little better, it would also have been a really funny flick. After all, it has an actor from Troma and Lloyd Kaufman himself makes a small entrance in the film's midpoint. There's also a scene where Nikos revives Adolf Hitler - where our dear Führer has increased in weight by 45 pounds. But in its final stages it's just ridiculous.