Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

The love for the dead is a theme that I have hold an interest for in a long time, it´s probably the paraphilia that I personally find the most fascinating of them all. In my younger years I was an insatiable gorehound and Nekromantik became a must see on my movielist, not one of my moviefanatic friends had the same interest to watch it so I felt a bit perverted but proud at the same time, but as I said, gore, mayhem and gutspilling was the thing for me in those days so Nekromantik did not become a close favourite of mine as it is today, it was slow and felt really boring so it took a couple of years of growing (not that much mentally though) before I could appreciate that movie out of more than just one aspect.

When I heard about Necrophile Passion I got really curious and had to see it with once, but this time I had the mindset on something close to Nekromantik but ofcourse not as genuinly  concieved.

Now Nekromantik was the first of a kind and a breakthrough in the horror/smut industry so it would be a great mistake to exclude something as bad just because it can´t reach up to the name of a cultmovie with the same concept, so I decided to divert all thoughts of comparison to that movie but in the end it was harder than I thought, it had many similarities and not only because this one is from Germany and has the necrophilia topic, what changes things is that it sets focus on the emotional facets of the male character.

The few persons in the cast are nameless which doesn´t really matter, this movie works more than fine without personal introductions, it feels a little bit more  realistic in that case.

we don´t have to wait long for the corpse retrieval to happen, the man strolls around the forest and spots a dead bloodcovered woman lying a couple of meters from him, chocked and confused his first reaction is to call 112 which is 911 in Europe or a couple of countries in Europe including Sweden and Germany, seeing the female body on the ground invokes a maelstrom of feelings inside of him and he hesitates to make the call, overpowered by his emotions he then picks up the woman and takes her home for some hot passionate time of sweet coldskinned love.

Then we see how things are going to be different, this man clearly has some grave psychological problems and many of them are spunned from his childhood with his mother being an oppressive hag who runs into his room for no appearent reason and starts to scream at him, that section did not really work for me, I couldn´t take it seriously in any way and wondered if that was it, for this man it was enough because he clearly have some severe mommy issues and gets a bit too craving and starts to suffocate his girlfriend like a needy squid, as always she reacts like the most women do when their man turns into a puppydog and becomes bitchy, rejecting and unattracted to his acting, but underneath the surface she also covers a secret desire that more than anything wants to be released.

Necrophile Passion is exactly what I thought it would be, a cheap, independent movie that is close to a hommage to Nekromantik but still with it´s own personalty aptly applied when it comes to the deeper, darker emotions of the man and the spiralling downfall of the relationship with his girlfriend.

There are many parts that could be evolved, the slightly misanthropic narrations needs alot of work, it would have been more interesting if they delivered a great wellwritten, philosophical depth that could dig into your mind, stay there, breed itself and activate the working patterns of thoughts, I wish for the same thing in the more surreal attempts of things,those could have made this movie stick out completely and climbed up the ranks of moviemaking.

Necrophile Passion despite everything is not bad at all, I actually like it, it could be better but for us morbid people that would rather selfacastrate us then watch a Hollywood lovestory it´s still a good romantic movie to sit and eat some chocolate in front of.