Artist: Morbid Insulter
Album: Funeral Mysticism

Year: 2012
Genrer: Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Run time: 1h 2 min
My rating: 4 out of 5

Morbid Insulter was one of Sweden's most underrated Blackened Thrash Metal bands in modern time. There are not even many Swedes who knows what kind of talents they actually were, so it feels great to clarify its existence by assessing their absolute last works before they decided to disband in 2012.

The was formed in 2004 by E. Expulser (guitars, vocals) and A. AIDS (drums) - It was actually created by a frontman named Daniel, but he was never involved in any records and left the band before Expulser joined the team. At this time, the members was strongly inspired by the old school metal in style of Sarcófago, Bestial Warlust, Expulser and Possessed. They worked continuously to develop its distinctive sound and succeeded tearing up the roots from the older generation of death metal and stripted it together with Brazilian Thrash Metal and Chaosgnostic Black Metal.

For a long time by now, I have wanted to compile a review of the band's absolute last record "Funeral Mysticism", but it's not until now I finally got the original disc in hand and can do it for real. Funeral Mysticism is a compilation-disc divided in two parts released by Swedish company I Hate Records in the end of December 2012. The album contains all the material they've ever recorded and is divided in order of release. It also includes two previously unreleased songs that didn't exist in previous materials. Another interesting detail is that the disc's cover was illustrated by the bassist and vocalist Daniel Corcuera from the Chilean Black Metal band Slaughtbbath.

CD-1 contains their debut "Strike from the Grave", a four-track demo recorded in Massgrave Studio, August 2005. At first it was released in 30 hand-numbered tapes and has been a sought-after rarities for several years. The material goes straight out of the 80's, lo-fi sound with enraged heavy metal. The first track kicks off with the intro "Awakening the Spirits of Evil" which containing sounds of surrounding nature-spirits and howling wolves. In next step we can hear some electric guitars that sneaks into the whole picture and the tone soon lights up a product with slow thrash metal riff from the old traditional spirit. Quickly enough, the track changes to "Deathfuck Bizarre" which probably is the band's most played song. This is where you clearly can hear the inspiration from Sarcófago and  it contains one of the best interlude during Swedish dirty metal. The third song is the title track "Strike From the Grave" one more forgotten gem they played quite often on their first gigs and the fourth and last song "Blitzkreig Mayhem" is also a very worn out song and unfortunately it's not nearly as catchy as my personal favorite "Deathfuck Bizarre".

It continues with "From the Womb of Pestilence - Second Strike" one four-track promo from 2006 that was never acknowledged to be a release. Like "Strike from the Grave" this one also was released on 30 specimens. In this extension P.Penetrator also hooked the band, along with Henrik Johansson. Suddenly they became a quartet and the band began to play more faster in true "Nihilist" spirit. Personally I think this one is the best they ever has released and first track "Fornications In Paradise" is an extraordinary scrotum-kick which I've always featured as the band's most productive peak. It offers a frenetic dynamics with a fiery pace that simply can bid on one or two torticollis and not to forget the guitar's stunning introduction that gives a true metal musicians goose bumps down to the foot fungus. Its second song is "Doomsday Orgies" and here you can clearly hear their mimics from the Czechoslovak band "Master's Hammer". The laughter sounds very inspirational and the drawling riffs could just as easily have been taken from their "Ritual"-vinyl. The third song is "The Order of the Unholy Violence" and is the second best song from this promo. The changing time signature is in its proper marking and balances what's about to come, namely a newly recorded version of the previous song "Blitzkreig Mayhem" with a better soundquality. But the song will be worn out when you've heard it too many times.

The last two songs on the first CD called "Wrath From Hades" and "Saints of Putric Flesh" is unreleased material that was recorded in connection with the Pestilence promo-release, but they never chose to publish them and honestly, I haven't really listened to them, but I think at least that "Saints of Putric Flesh" is kind of catchy and rhythmic. It has a soft and wobbly production that I enjoy.

CD 2 initially continue with a member shorter and a well established trio. The first five tracks comes from their first official mini-lp "Thundering Evil" from 2008. I Hate Records decided to release 500 copies of this EP. What you can expect here is uncompromising metal with a dark, gloomy, evil and underground atmosphere. The soundstage is definitely grainier than before and you notice that Morbid Insulter has found their true identity. The texts spurts of satanic messages, death and chaos. The first song opens violently with "Abominations Curse" and their biggest inspiration comes clearly from Nifelheim. The full Thundering-concept consists of new-inspired thrash metal pieces with beautiful rhythms, rapid transitions and nasty blast beats and my two absolute favorites are the last two songs "Take me to Hell" and "Black Fate", they are related in a good way and their melodic parts are really poignant.

I'm grateful that I Hate choosed to put together a collection of unconsumed material, because in the middle of this mass we find another version of "Wrath of Hades", a song that was featured at Göteborgs Döds-compilation tape, recorded in 2008. This was a version that I never had heard before. Qualitatively it doesn't differs much from the material on Thundering Evil, but it was a fun discovery and it's quite listenable as well.

Now we approach the end of this compilation and the last emaciated bits contains four songs from their last EP "Antichrist Blasphemies" from 2010, although this was limited to 500 copies by I Hate Records. In this release the band joins together with C.Conjurer from Nightbringer that takes over the bass guitar and delivers something considerably. This is absolutely not their strongest publishing, not at all, but you will notice differences in quality unlike previous materials. This is without a doubt their fastest one and it welcomes us with the title track "Antichrist Blasphemies" and keep it going with another three songs. Of these "Extol Sathanas" is my obvious favorite, but also "Poison of God" begins to grow the more I'm listen to it.

This is possibly the longest review of Morbid Insulter we can find on the internet today, so if I haven't been able to complete a full understanding of the band's significance, then I think you should buy this collection and get your own perception. Morbid Insulter would have recorded and released the new single "Deathworship" in 2012, but it never happened.


Band members:
A. AIDS - Drums (2004-2011)
P. Penetrator - Guitars (2005-2011)
C. Conjurer - Bass (2009-2011)
E. Expulser (R.I.P. 2011) - Guitars, Vocals (2004-2011)
Daniel - Vocals (2004-2005)
Henrik Johansson - Bass (2006-2007)

Label: I Hate
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://ihate.bandcamp.com/album/funeral-mysticism
Myspace: http://myspace.com/morbidinsulter