Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

In a little less than 10 minutes this movie displays a vista of very tragic events and does so in an artistic manner, almost in a beautiful fashion, the surroundings, the lightning, effects and the camerawork is handled very artful but not in a psychedelic type of way even though it can be slightly confusing at times. The confusing parts are when we have to face the flashbacks of our leading lady Buss abusive childhood and tragic  past and sometimes it´s thrown in and all around like a Memory game.

Meat Grinder begins with a very serious tension,showing her unhappy childhood, the abuse she had live with and the disastrous pile gets bigger as she grows up, living with an adulterous husband and even worse the loss of her daughter. Her mental issues finds a way to cover itself and the solution is murder, luckily she works as a chef so disposing the bodies won´t be a difficult task.

It´s a really diffuse movie, even to label it is a hard thing to do, it´s sort of a dark drama with thriller undertones and then it tends to gushes off into a grisly goremovie and the bloods and guts are spraying everywhere, I was really surprised when the carnage started to take form because it was such an extreme fraction from the rest of the movie.

This is an emotional ruckus to say the least, we go from every form of emotion and end up in a cold dark hole as we see Buss going from one end to the other one and wondering when she will fall off.
Meat Grinder is almost like a psychological mindplay, we enter the tormented mind of Buss and witness her memories, surreal visions and metaphore of feelings all while we see her going on a killing and torture spree.

She is not all too careful with her murderous rampage so after a while people are starting  to visit her restaurant in search for their relatives and loved ones. The story is simple but the methods they used to build everything up is another thing, we slowly see the mental downfall from the first screen to the last presented in different stylistic forms and effects, both when it comes the physical and psychic misstreatment.

This is not a straight up type of film and things tend to alter itself with time, almost  to the point that you have to puzzle some pieces together until you get the whole picture, and when you manage to do that Meat Grinder becomes a great movie that some of us will enjoy and other will be confused by, and those who expected a fullblown splattered torturefest without a fuzz will more or less come to hate it.