Written by Tim "Naexos" Nordstedt

A hasten glimpse on the cover and a glance on the short description written on IMDB of what should suppose to be a story, my mind figured that this will be a short review, almost to the point that it´s hardly any reason to touch the keyboard when the ending credits starts to roll. But what the heck, it looks like a movie that suits my collection and short or not it will still be an add to the Goregasmic page.

There were a couple of surprising things that I had no single clue about regarding Maximum Shame, here is what I knew, it´s from Spain, It´s low budget (9000 dollars) and the thing everyone can see, the main theme seems to involve BDSM games so I was prepared for a badly made Graphic Sexual Horror parody, I got a parody but in the form of a leatherclad, ballgagged Alice in Wonderland.

Everything starts with a woman talking about numbers especially zeros to a man that seems to be in a deep paradoxal lackadaisical chock and goes to sleep after a weird version of a 69, he doses off into a world were the frantic borderline, rollerskating queen rules,spending her days by playing with her slaves and ordering around her retarded male help while worrying about the end of the world that is imminent. When the woman notices that her man is gone, she enters the world herself and gets into a deeper and more bizarre problem than she ever imagined.

To my initial distress, it´s not in Spanish and sometimes their accent can make things a little difficult at times and the dialogue doesn´t help either, in Alice in Wonderland everyone have their peculiar lines probably spawned from the help of magic mushrooms that doesn´t make you grow, this movie tries to imitate that style but without the hallucigenic help and everything gets pretty dumbed down, it´s more like when you are talking or chatting with a person who have no insight at all and is clearly dumber than average and have managed to look up some bigger words, but have no idea how to use even though that will not stop them.

So we have a whole bunch of attempts to philosophical rantings that isn´t taking itself seriously, like a man that lies on the floor with a spear through his throat, judges his and the position of the stick and wonder how he could eat snacks with that obstruction. We even get some arithmetic lessons and Disney-like songs, not as bombastic but way better performed than I ever would have expected. The entire movie seem to filmed in a long time abandoned warehouse and the acting, although I suspect that it´s suppose to be bad for the sake of it, for the most of the time anyway, it´s still atrocious and the bad english doesn´t help.

Everything else regarding this movie is done in an extremely terrible way and many times that is the thing that brings the entertainment in this case. You know when you watched Mr Bean when you were a kid and he messed up and fixed the problem in the most unthinkable way ever and you think that he is so dumb he´s almost smart, that´s close to a sentence that you can put on Maximum Shame.

It´s really a horrendous movie but still made things curious and curiouser, so by the name of the Red Queen and the severed heads that follows her path, I have to admit that I like this movie, alot! even though the ending went by a little too fast.