Written by Greigh Johanson

It's an honor for us as much as for Maxime to take part of an sort of interview with one of today's most interesting artists. With respect we've opted to almost focus on Maxime as an artist and not as a person. Maxime will briefly describe what's the basis of his morbidity started:

Maxime is born in France, a 32 years old artist who studied art in college, his master thesis was about the monstruosity, and more especially about what's considered abnormal by common society. Currently he is an art teacher in midle school near Paris but his main goal is to keep going on art. His will and ambition is to create some sort of a "Gesamtkunstwerk" to quote Wagner, a total art with Synesthesia. His art consists of paintings, drawings but also short films, videos and music.

He describes his visions come from his dreams for most of the time, and try to let an open wound between reality and dreams. The Blood paintings are symbolicly linked to that idea. He cut his wrists and use the brush directly on his wound like in this video:

It's not intended to shock people like some would think but is merely a process. The final result is as important as the way to do it, he sees art as some sort of a ritual, a chat between spirits and his mortal flesh. He do recall on what philosopher Plato said about art which is the manifestation of spirits through artist bodies.

Greigh Johanson:
Do you think that music expresses much of what you paint? If so, what genre is the most expressive and allows you to focus better on the ideas you create?

Maxime Taccardi:
There is no better genre than others, you just have to let it express. Music as a translation of my paintings into sounds is as important as my other practices. My project is named K.F.R which stands for kāfir (Disbeliever in arabic), it's written on Dajjâl's forehead, the Antichrist in Islam. To me it's the absolute sound description of my paintings, it joins Kandinsky idea about his will to translate music into paint. My music is as important of my visuals, it is dark just as my paintings, it's a catharsis.  Here is my soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/k-f-r-2

GJ: How did your interest to paint with your own blood started?

MT: Some years ago, I wanted to give more to my paintings, to give a part of me. Blood rots and i like the fact that after some time, the blood color change a bit like if the soul was leaving the painting. I don't use a needle because pain and my way to extract the blood are attached to my subjects, it is a process, a ritual.

GJ: Do you have any model who inspired you over the years?

MT: I don't really have a model, my favorite artist is Goya, especially his black paintings. When I was a kid and I saw Chronos, I knew what I wanted to do.

GJ: Have you ever set out your art on opening events and let the public viewing your exhibitions in reality?

MT: Yes I did some and I have an event coming on march in Paris.

GJ: Please, tell us something about your filmmaking.

MT: I do my videos without any budget. But I put everything I can in them. The last one I did "There is a hole in my dreams" is also very special, it has the same atmosphere as "AsHEs". For that one, I was alone in front and behind the camera. I shot it in one day and editing it too.

GJ: What's the symbolism behind your shorties? Does it mean something larger than just spiritual aspects like your paintings?

MT: It resonates deeply inside of me. I lost my both parents from cancer so I focused my art on death in general. My father was in contact with the other world before he died, he saw things and told me about that, I also saw them after they passed away.

GJ: And that's any kind of symbolism you've bringed into your films?

MT: Yes, but also religion, it's a big part of my work, the messiah, the devotion, fanatism, suffering, cross path etc... The video "Let me be the Vomit Guiding your Mouth" did I shot two years ago and is deeply connected to that and is also a reference to a good friend of mine who committed sucide. That's probably the most personal video I did.

GJ: Can you tell us something about the symbolism in your film "AsHEs"?

MT: The bunny ears in ashes is a reference to the fact they are born blind and under the ground, then they enter the world of light and knowledge when they get out of the ground. It is a reference to Plato and the cavern myth but in my story, the only knowledge they find is the inevitable death and non sense that comes with life.

GJ: Do you have thought about making a feature film in the same style? If so, what do you think it will be about?

MT: I have something in mind for years, to do a full lengh movie, I keep the idea for myself for now but I'm hoping to do that soon. I will also make a video for another K.F.R track from Death March.

GJ: Many of your films and its references makes me think of directors as Nico B, Marian Dora and Karim Hussain. Is this some people you already know since earlier?

MT: Never heard about them, I should check them out. My references in term of movies are Tetsuo from Tsukamoto, Combat Shock from Gioviniazzi, Seul Contre Tous from Noe, Old Boy, The Killer and A Bullet in the Head from John Woo, The Brood from Cronenberg, The trilogy heat flesh trash from Morrissey, Fulci movies, Scarface, Argento, Baby cart, Fukasaku, Hideo Gosha etc.

GJ: Will you ever release your films on a collection-dvd or bluray?

MT: I wish it could be released on dvd but I don't know any label who would do that.

GJ: It was a great honor to get in touch with you and find out some information that everyone might not know. We hope your artistry and your projects reach a longer range and that more people are becoming aware about you and your works, and not least, we really hope to behold your videos on a physical disc in a coming future. Do you have anything more to add at this moment?

MT: Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure and I'm honoured that you like my work.