Written by Greigh Johanson

Tim and I have something in common (say when we don't have it?) But seriously, both of us thinks that this film is the worst Toetag Pictures productions of all time. This is that kind of film that tries to force you onto their own sense of self-importance to the point that it only becomes embarrassing. A film that definitely didn't live up to its legendary reputation - Instead, it turns out to be the opposite and this will possibly be one of the most careless rendered reviews I have written in a very long time, but I have nothing good to say about Maskhead.

Syl and Maddie are a lesbian couple who take out their desires by recording fetish films. Fortunately, they will find a lot of willing people who want to set up in their films - in fact, in such a quantity that they never have to worry about lack of potential players. What the actors doesn't know is that Syl and Maddie always uses Maskhead in one of the roles - a large and clumsy deformed man who takes his joy by slaughtering the people during the recording.

I think the problem I have with Maskhead is because there is no chemistry or passion in its production. I don't feel the raw power that August Underground-trilogy wore on. I noticed some beautiful girls with a worse performance of the spectacle, some mediocre special effects and beyond that - nothing at all. There was no substance in the film and the results that came out of the Maskhead was nothing I expected from Toetag Pictures whatsoever. The only thing I got was some very lenghty, drawn out scenes that commit to some moderately bloody murder that neither appealed to me very much.

I wouldn't say that Maskhead was particularly original, I sat alone and thought of the similarity to Warren Lynch's unsuccessful title "Pony Trouble" from 2005. This didn't feel authentic at all and what made me most upset was that we never got to experience some background to the event itself. What was the reason behind the girls' artistic vision of a new kind of snuff-porn? and who the hell was Maskhead and why did he do everything that the girls told him to do? All these questions and so many more that never was answered, it just makes me so crazy.

I couldn't care less about its writer and director Scott Swan who was co-author for John Carpenter's two famous Masters of Horror-episodes. Unlike these two films, Maskhead is totally shit. It's only a poor attempt at creating something unique and peculiar from the extreme-film category. What did destroyed the bulk of the film was that the team chose to carry out the project with a handheld camera - many of these structures took us back to a time when Toetag Pictures began their film career and it's a critical case for us way back in the era where August Underground took it first glimpses of a sparkly VHS-tape.

I'm not in favor of this grotesque slip of extreme film. I nor understand the good criticism that the film has received, because it doesn't offer anything new and peculiar. If Maskhead had been made ten years ago, had this review been different I think. But today I do know that this is a wasted pastime that I could spend on a better title. Maybe Toetags latest film "Sella Turcica" is what is needed for my nerves to be restored to normal default again? It remains to be seen.