LONG PIGS (2007)

Written by Greigh Johanson

Now I've finally got a glimpse into the life of a cannibal. I know that this is just fiction, but it feels like to watch a real documentary. Everything is relative credible and when I compare this film with "August Underground" and similar mockumenteries, Long Pigs is the obvious choice for me.

Long Pigs is a Canadian film, written and directed by Nathan Hynes and Chris Power. You are treated to a story that roots in cool features and stylish part-acts that binds together the entire movie. Long Pigs challenges the audience to behold a terrible side of humanity, but at the same time it also deliver a social commentary that leaves the audience with a thought about the world we live in and the impact on the median flow.

This is a faux-mockumentary about two filmmakers documenting the life of a 33 year old cannibalistic serial killer named Anthony McAllister. He has agreed to allow them to document every aspect of his horrifically violent lifestyle. Initially, they are terrified of him, but slowly they get to know Anthony as a person. They start by identifying with his ecological and philosophical justification for his cannibal lifestyle. It's when they investigate a step closer, as the filmmakers begin to doubt Anthony's accounts of his past.

The film got a great acting, even if some performances sometimes makes me hesitant. This is rescued by the authentic environment that emphasizes the aesthetic perspective. There's a scene where the team visits a farmer, where they experience the taste of real fresh meat from beef cattle and pigs. This part of the film is very important for maintaining the realistic feeling. It's not just the actors and the environment that determines the authentic feel - the main effect consists of various dolls that are anatomically designed in detail, which appears in a scene when Anthony cut up a human body step by step, from head to ankles - That's a really cool shot.

I hade given Long Pigs a higher rating if it had finished better. Unfortunately, it was very predictable. I could easily figure out how the end would reveal and it came as a disappointment. I sat there with high hopes, but were perceptively a sense of decline which I sometimes thought was disappointing considering how well organized the rest of the film was. Chronologically speaking, I feel that its playing time is of the correct length. If it had taken place a longer time I would probably have gotten tired and lost focus on its plot and stage performance.

It doesn't work to compare Long Pigs with similar films like "Behind the Mask" and "Man Bites Dog" - this movie is stored safely in a separate category. Are you interested in serial killers and actually want to get into the mind of one of them, then Long Pigs is a obvious choice. It's not just about a serial killer, but also a basic survey in which doctors and prison officers provides an explanation for why he thinks and behaves as he does.