Directed by: Philippe Barassat
Written by: Philippe Barassat
Stars: Freddy Bournane, Ilona Szabo... Read more

Year: 2004
Genrer: Arthouse, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Short
Run time: 38 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

Le Nécrophile is a French short film from 2004, directed by Philippe Barassat and is based somewhat on the book The Necrophiliac, written by Gabrielle Wittkop in 1972. I found this movie when I was looking for odd and unknown movie titles. For once, I took the painful road and watched it on a streaming pirated copy because I couldn't find it in some other way. I must add that the film has no translation, either in English or Swedish. This review is solely based on what I've seen through its image.

Now, lets go back to an era where we get acquainted with the loner M. Montaldo. This gentleman is self-absorbed in his gloomy and dark apartment where he fills his days with eating cockroaches. His only recreational activity is collecting corpses in order to satisfy his sexual deviations. One day Montaldos closest relatives dies, and his task will be to take care of his cousin - A little girl, who almost immediately finds out his secret.

Necrophilia and pedophilia is a very sensitive topic. The film contains some of both terms, but doesn't give us a complete picture of its performance. It's little more about a thorough sense of guilt and some kind of remorse that slowly creeps up towards the end. You see only the beginning of something that could just as easily have ended up as a stylistic porn movie.

Le Nécrophile feel like an adult version of Tim Burton's youth films, a bit like a gothic fairy tale. It's beautifully designed with a gloomy gradient and with a single policy. It gave me a real mindfuck experience when I suddenly realized how they had been playing with contrasts. They combine the classic 1800's of the environment with the modern millennium. The contrast was disconnected in my head and I started to laugh. Among horse-drawn carriages and vehicles, and from every corner the surreal feeling enhanced in the style of Salvador Dalí's earlier works.

The film lacks realism and its dialogues doesn't consist of human voices - instead they have published some unjustified synth sounds of the language. In the beginning it's really fun and innovative, but in the end it's like to be plagued by the teacher's constant nagging in the children's series of Snoopy.

Overall, the film is very cute, scary, nasty and funny at the same time. It evokes very strong feelings despite the short playing time. If I ever get the opportunity to lay hands on a real copy of this film, I definitely hadn't declined. Le Nécrophile is a short film that should be in every faithful movie collection and that's for sure. It's very sad that it hasn't got a wider distribution, because it's almost unknown today. It's a shame because this is a kind of masterpiece that would suit all real ciniasts who understands the language of real art.


Produced by: Sacha Guillaume
Cinematography by: Terence Bulley
Editing by: Terence Bulley, Delphine Dufriche
Special Effects by: Patrick D'Artois
Music by: Christian Roux
Country: France
Language: French
Color: Color

Distributor: Abracadra